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About StorMagic

StorMagic is making the complex simple for edge computing environments and we’re leading the industry in bringing the edge to the core – datacenter and cloud.

Our storage and security products are simple, lightweight and cost-effective without sacrificing enterprise-class features for organizations with one to thousands of sites.

SvSAN is a highly available two-node virtual SAN designed for hyperconverged edge and small datacenter sites. SvKMS is a flexible and robust encryption key manager for edge, datacenter and cloud. More than 1,300 customers worldwide have chosen StorMagic to lower costs, ensure data security and uptime, and simplify operations. Across many industries including retail stores, factories, hospitals, universities and even wind farms and oil rigs, we are helping organizations tackle the modernization and optimization of their IT infrastructure.

StorMagic was founded in 2006 with a vision to simplify the storage and security landscape with solutions that minimize hardware and do not require specialist skills to deploy and manage. We enable organizations to free themselves from cost and complexity – physical SANs, HSMs (hardware security modules), and other legacy hardware.

Unlike our competitors who try to overcome the limitations of edge environments by forcing customers to adopt over-provisioned datacenter-class solutions, we at StorMagic have specifically designed our software for demanding, and often harsh environments where resources, space and budgets are limited. Our product strategy is to integrate the edge and the core so that organizations can seamlessly manage their entire infrastructure – edge, datacenter and cloud.