Infographic: SvSAN on KVM Hypervisors

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StorMagic SvSAN can be installed on a Linux KVM hypervisor, creating the lowest cost way to deploy highly available hyperconverged clusters. By using a KVM hypervisor with SvSAN, organizations eliminate the hypervisor tax and combined with the lightweight 2-node cluster architecture for SvSAN, organizations can reduce their solution costs by over 60%.

The benefits of leveraging a KVM hypervisor when using SvSAN are highlighted in the infographic below.

More information about SvSAN’s requirements and capabilities on Linux KVM is available in the accompanying SvSAN with KVM data sheet. Alternatively, contact us or email [email protected] to arrange a demonstration with one of our engineers, and witness the solution for yourself.

SvSAN on KVM Hypervisor infographic

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