No Retain, No Gain – Surveillance Video Retention

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Surveillance video retention considerations and approaches to optimize use and spend

Video retention has become a large concern recently. Many companies and agencies find themselves having to adhere to specific retention requirements, whether a legal or a business requirement. Currently, it is not uncommon for retention periods for entities in many U.S. states to reach two years for litigation reasons. In manufacturing plants with high exposure to product liability, retention periods extending to 99 years have been used. The use of surveillance video for business intelligence is also pushing the retention periods upwards.

The value of a surveillance video is low until it is needed, but when it is needed, its value is very high. And you cannot assume that the importance of video continually decreases over time. At 1 year, 11 months, and 29 days past an event, when a lawsuit is being brought against an entity, video to prove or disprove the actual event suddenly becomes very important.

This white paper examines the video retention process faced by organizations in all industries, exploring:

  • The benefits and pitfalls of long-term video retention compared to short-term retention
  • The shortcomings that need to be overcome in current video surveillance storage systems to make long-term retention practical
  • The best practices for video retention that organizations and IT leaders should follow
  • StorMagic’s approach to surveillance video retention

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No Retain, No Gain - Surveillance video retention considerations - White Paper

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