Business challenge

Rommelsbacher Elektro Hausgeräte GmbH was founded in 1928 by Dipl. Ing. Gustav Rommelsbacher, and remains a family-run company. With its factory based in Dinkelsbühl, Germany, the manufacturing business designs and produces small electrical appliances for the kitchen, garden, travel and leisure that are distributed worldwide. Today, Rommelsbacher is known as an electrical cooking appliance specialist and its product range varies from an innovative Ceran® grill to the smallest automatic cooking plate in the world.

Rommelsbacher’s previous environment, located at its primary datacenter, consisted of aging servers that were combined with a central physical SAN. The manufacturer wanted to upgrade its servers to a more recent model, but retain its SAN for data backup. With its SAN storage acting as a single point of failure, the company was in search of a hyperconverged solution that would ensure maximum uptime and high availability in its datacenter.


Rommelsbacher engaged two local experts, value-added reseller NEWERKLA and sub-distributor exone, to evaluate their environment and recommend an upgrade plan with new servers. The partners recommended StorMagic SvSAN, since it is trusted by manufacturers globally to power IT operations with high availability, simplicity at a very low total cost.

Rommelsbacher selected SvSAN as part of a hyperconverged solution running on Supermicro servers as the ideal choice for its business. During the installation process, SvSAN was deployed smoothly with zero interruptions or downtime. SvSAN was installed on two identical systems at their main datacenter site, which included both server and storage designed to be fail-safe by ensuring redundancy across all components. The physical SAN was kept on-site, but repurposed as a data backup solution. With SvSAN, Rommelsbacher has found that its environment is simple, reliable and affordable, ensuring that its data is future-proofed. Furthermore, StorMagic’s hardware support and licensing model allows additional compute and storage capacity to be added non-disruptively at any time, making it simple to retrofit and scale for future demands.

Why StorMagic

  • High Performance: SvSAN creates highly available shared storage with just two servers. Rommelsbacher has dramatically improved performance rates since making the switch to StorMagic.
  • Single Point of Failure: Highly available SvSAN configurations effectively eliminate single points of failure, by increasing the availability of the solution and improving application uptime. SvSAN achieves this as it was designed to synchronously mirror the data between two servers.
  • Cost Effective: Rommelsbacher found that StorMagic offered value overall - the solution itself and future upgrades protect their budget.
  • Ideal for Manufacturing Environments: Industrial sites that run applications and store data locally decrease processing time and reduce overall data storage costs (as compared to running in the cloud). StorMagic provides the high availability and performance capabilities that are quickly becoming a requirement for industrial environments.

SvSAN Configuration

SvSAN License 2x unlimited TB capacity SvSAN 6.2 licenses
Servers Two “exone” Supermicro servers, 2.1 GHz Intel XEON processors
Memory 384 GB RAM per server
Disk Configuration Full flash SSD
Networking 10 Gb iSCSI networking
Hypervisor VMware vSphere
Applications Database, ERP and production applications
Rommelsbacher Logo

Company Name: Rommelsbacher Elektro Hausgeräte GmbH
HQ Location: Dinkelsbühl, Germany
Type of Business: Manufacturing
Number of locations: 1

"Migrating existing environments can often present challenges and introduce new risks to organizations of any size. However, with StorMagic, we were thrilled to be able to conduct and complete our installation with zero interruptions, downtime or restrictions for our employees. With StorMagic, we have eliminated any single point of failure and experienced 100 percent uptime, which means we can power our manufacturing operations every day with ease."

Andreas Pirner, IT Manager, Rommelsbacher ElektroHausgeräte GmbH


Provides a true 'set and forget' solution for any environment using centralized deployment and management - whether for thousands of sites or just one.

Cost Effective

Eliminates physical SANs by converging compute and storage into a lightweight commodity server footprint thereby dramatically lowering costs.


Delivers on today’s performance needs leveraging any CPU and storage type whilst avoiding over-provisioning with the confidence of scaling for tomorrow’s demands.

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