The proliferation of digital technology has led to a proliferation of digital evidence: images, texts, emails, documents, video, audio, and more. Digital evidence is everywhere and its use is no longer restricted to law enforcement and public agencies. Transportation providers are using in-vehicle cameras, delivery and service providers are using both in-vehicle and body cameras to record trips and interactions, and retailers and commercial organizations are using video and audio to record interviews.  

It is critical that law enforcement and these other organizations take proper steps to manage the gathering, storage, use, and security of all this information. To address the massive amounts of digital evidence being created every day, organizations require digital evidence management systems. 

Enter, StorMagic ARQvault Digital Evidence Management Solutions. These unique solutions consist of StorMagic ARQvault — the industry’s first Active Intelligent Repository — and one or more Digital Evidence Management Modules. They enable businesses to gather digital evidence anywhere, store it forever, find it fast, and reduce storage costs by at least 50% versus other solutions. 

The StorMagic ARQvault Digital Evidence Management Modules consist of the following: 

  1. File Ingest: Intended for use by law enforcement, district attorneys, federal agencies, or any organization that needs to keep video, audio, images, and other files in a secure environment and maintain chain-of-custody.
  2. Body Cam: Integrates with a variety of body-worn cameras and is designed to be used by law enforcement, private security companies, prisons/jails, delivery companies, or other organizations utilizing body-worn cameras that need to record, retain, and view video of interactions with others.
  3. In-Car: For any organization with vehicles that need to record use, activity, and in-vehicle interactions, such as law enforcement, private security companies, delivery vehicles, and transportation providers.
  4. Interview Room: Designed for any organization that needs to record and retain interviews, such as law enforcement, prisons/jails, private security companies, detective agencies, security departments, or even HR departments. 

Interested in learning more? Visit our website for additional information and download a copy of our StorMagic ARQvault Digital Evidence Management Solutions Overview for an in-depth explanation of the solutions, their unique features, and the benefits they deliver to users. 

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