Latest version of industry-leading virtualized shared storage platform accelerates server I/O operations, migrates data, enhances performance reporting and more

Bristol, United Kingdom – August 25, 2014StorMagic®, a leading provider of enterprise-class software-defined storage for virtual server environments, today announced it will introduce version 5.2 of SvSAN – an industry-leading virtualized shared storage platform – at VMworld in San Francisco this week and make it available to the market September 15. SvSAN 5.2 enables organizations to add a solid state disk (SSD) caching capability that accelerates server I/O operations, migrate SvSAN data targets from one location to another, better manage storage pools and monitor solution performance.

SvSAN 5.2 will be available for demonstration at the StorMagic booth at VMworld, #2519, during show exhibition hours. Also, after it becomes generally available, a free 60-day trial of SvSAN 5.2 will be available on the StorMagic website.

The new elements in SvSAN 5.2 include:

  • Write-Back Caching. SvSAN 5.2 uses solid state disk (SSD) as a “staging” area, providing faster server I/O response time. Data is then de-staged from the cache to the final storage location at a later point. Write-back caching algorithms ensure the cache is optimally utilized, and storage tiering allows targets to span multiple storage types. In addition, per-target caching enables users to select the targets that can benefit from I/O acceleration, ensuring important data is prioritized.
  • Data Migration. This feature transparently and non-disruptively migrates SvSAN targets from one storage location to another, ensuring that targets are optimally distributed and load balanced over available SvSAN resources. Targets can be migrated between storage pools on the same SvSAN solution or to another SvSAN virtual storage appliance entirely.
  • Storage Pool Enhancements. SvSAN 5.2 enables existing storage pool capacity to be expanded when underlying disks are grown, and allows storage pools to be categorized with user-defined labels.
  • Performance Monitoring. Granular, historical I/O transaction and throughput statistics are now available to users, presented in a simple and intuitive format. Reports are issued per iSCSI target, enabling customers to troubleshoot I/O performance issues or identify I/O trends or patterns.

“Market adoption of SvSAN continues to rise as more end users from small organizations to the Fortune 150 increase the efficiency and lower the total cost of ownership of their distributed storage infrastructure,” said Hans O’Sullivan, CEO of StorMagic. “With version 5.2 of SvSAN, we’ve made an already efficient storage platform even better, and we’ll continue to innovate and evolve to ensure our growing user base receives the best value in the industry.”

SvSAN, a software solution that delivers a virtualized shared storage platform, enables enterprises to eliminate downtime and ensure high availability of business critical applications at the edge where disruptions directly equate to losses in revenue and service. By leveraging existing server storage and presenting it as a virtual SAN, SvSAN supports a wide range of organizations – from those with 10 edge sites to those with 10,000 or more – through minimal IT infrastructure.