Eliminating downtime for your business critical applications

One of the greatest challenges of multi-site organizations is to ensure the uptime and availability of business critical applications in local and distributed IT environments. This becomes even more challenging as organizations strive to reduce capital and operating expense.

This is now achievable through combining the leading, software-defined storage solution from StorMagic with the latest in server technology from Lenovo. This joint solution allows businesses to deploy a data storage infrastructure that remains highly available.

What is StorMagic SvSAN

SvSAN is a software solution which enables organizations to eliminate downtime of business critical applications where this disruption directly equates to a loss in service and revenue. SvSAN ensures high availability through a virtualized shared storage platform, so that business critical applications remain operational.

StorMagic’s customers have anywhere from a single site to thousands of remote sites where local IT resources are not available and uptime of applications is a must. SvSAN provides an intuitive, standardized management interface that allows multiple SvSANs to be managed and provisioned quickly and simply. SvSAN’s efficient and flexible architecture and its modular approach enable it to meet the ever-changing and increasingly demanding storage requirements within any organization.

SvSAN’s unique benefits include:

• Abstraction of storage services away from traditional storage arrays, making it a key component of a software-defined storage strategy
• Elimination of the need for a physical Storage Area Network (SAN)
• Virtualization of internal disk drives and external, direct-attached storage arrays (DAS) to enable storage sharing among multiple servers
• High availability in a simple two-server solution (the only software that can do so)
• At least 33% lower capital acquisition cost for distributed environments
• Over 40% lower TCO through reduced power and cooling costs, decreased sparing and maintenance costs and minimized need for dedicated IT resources
• Maximized application uptime
• Centralized storage management of entire multi-site infrastructure
• Rapid, scripted deployments and updates of multiple sites simultaneously with automated provisioning
• Optimal flexibility, as SvSAN is hardware and hypervisor agnostic and can scale as storage requirements grow
• Fast resynchronization through restore capability, enabling users to replace a failed server with a new one and automatically rebuild their environment


Lenovo ThinkServer RS140 Lenovo System x3250 Lenovo ThinkServer RD650
Benefits • Versatile entry level solution
• For SMB/ROBO with few remote applications
• Ultra-compact 1U servers
• Optimized for Hyper-V virtualization
• Smart & easy server management
• Low entry cost
• Enhanced performance
• For SMB/ROBO with larger application requirements
• Compact 1U servers
• Groundbreaking storage density
• Hyper-V and VMware supported
• IMM2 Management with FoD
• Affordable price point and TCO
• High performance dual-CPU
• For SMB/ROBO with high application requirements
• Flexible 2U design
• Innovative AnyBay storage architecture
• System Manager server management
• Can run continuously at 45° C
Use cases • Retail POS and inventory
• Hospitality reservations
• Restaurant kitchen management
• Transportation vehicle positioning
• Manufacturing process control
• SMB/ROBO file and print
• Retail back office HR, POS, and inventory
• Government communications platforms
• Defense battlefield control systems
• Energy production
• Legal document management
• Retail video surveillance
• SMB/ROBO database
• Hospitality Video on Demand
• Medical PACs and health records

Powered by Lenovo

The StorMagic SvSAN solution leverages powerful Lenovo servers for optimal reliability, scalability, and performance. Lenovo servers use industry-standard components, and range from feature-rich, scalable enterprise x86 servers to rack-optimized servers designed for business productivity to entry-level rack and tower servers.

Lenovo delivers a number of unique advantages over other x86-based platforms for distributed enterprises and virtualized environments. In addition to supporting a wide range of networking, storage, memory, and processor options, they remedy common IT pain points with these highlighted benefits:

Leadership reliability for high uptime – ThinkServer™ and System x™ servers incorporate best-in-class and redundant components such as hot-swappable power supplies, fans, disks, and RAID for data protection and high availability. According to the latest ITIC Server OS Reliability Survey, an overwhelming 99% of System x servers achieved a minimum of 99.95% uptime in 2013 for the highest reliability of x86 systems in the industry.

Outstanding performance and storage for quick business decisions – Lenovo’s innovative AnyBay design allows multiple storage types in the same drive bay from PCIe SSD to 3.5” SATA. Whatever your storage needs, Lenovo ThinkServer and System x Servers can meet the demands of your business critical applications.

Energy efficiency for cost savings – Lenovo servers include superior energy features and options for significant power savings including support for ambient operating temperatures (up to 45° C). Ideal for the SMB and ROBO environment where datacenter cooling is not an option.

Solution applications

The combination of SvSAN with Lenovo servers is an ideal solution for organizations in many industries, including:
• Retail – systems such as stock control, customer & staff management and point-of-sale optimization
• Government – diplomatic communication platforms
• Defense – battlefield control systems
• Manufacturing and building automation – process control
• Financial services – customer transactions
• Restaurant and hospitality – booking and kitchen order systems
• Transportation – vehicle positioning and monitoring
• Energy production – remote power generation plant control
• Legal – File & Print, Document Management
• Medical – PACS, health records

Solution benefits StorMagic & Lenovo deliver to the SME/ROBO:

• Competitive cost-of-entry for shared storage in virtualized environments
• A hypervisor-agnostic storage infrastructure, accommodating both VMware vSphere & Microsoft Hyper-V
• Hyper-V implementations
• Unique multi-site features, such as a simple two-server configuration
• High Availability of local storage
• Centralized management
• Easy, automated deployment