ARQvault video surveillance solution infographic

Infographic: ARQvault Video Surveillance Solutions

StorMagic ARQvault is the perfect answer for organizations looking to implement a video surveillance solution that simplifies the management and storage of video files, making it easy and fast to capture, store and find footage, regardless of where it’s stored and how old it might be. The ARQvault Video Surveillance infographic below provides an at-a-glance […]

ARQvault infographic

Infographic: StorMagic ARQvault

StorMagic ARQvault is the first Active Intelligent Repository and its features and benefits are explained in our ARQvault infographic below. ARQvault software combines different and distributed storage resources into an integrated system shared across the network. Vaults consist of a server, storage, and ARQvault software. It enables organizations to save 50% by automatically moving data […]