Enabling build-to-order hyperconverged solutions

StorMagic once again partnered with Tech Field Day to feature on the latest TFD broadcast, Tech Field Day 13, which took place from the 1st to 3rd February 2017.

StorMagic, alongside Cisco, presented to an assembled panel of influential delegates, discussing the features and benefits of SvSAN, and why software-defined storage and hyperconvergence are key to resolving many of the issues surrounding multi-site IT operations. SvSAN features including remote witness, caching and its analytics capabilities will all be covered in a product 'deep dive'.

In addition, Cisco underlined why StorMagic SvSAN, combined with their UCS servers, provides a perfect solution to deliver highly available software-defined storage for remote and branch office locations. This will include a demo of the UCS hardware, demonstrating its configuration, automation, scalability and scripting capabilities.

Watch each of the six segments of the recorded session at your leisure with the videos below.

For more information on Tech Field Day 13, visit the event website.

Part 1: StorMagic Company Overview with Hans O’Sullivan

Part 2: StorMagic SvSAN Overview with Luke Pruen

Part 3: StorMagic on Cisco UCS Deep Dive with Jason Shaw

Part 4: StorMagic Automating Large Deployments Demo with Luke Pruen

Part 5: StorMagic SvSAN Caching Deep Dive with Luke Pruen

Part 6: StorMagic SvSAN Customer Data Analytics with Luke Pruen