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How to Overcome the High Cost and Pressure of Surveillance Video Retention

Surveillance video retention is under pressure from rising camera counts & quality of video. How should organizations adjust to meet retention regulations?
June 21, 2022

Why Build Your Own Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solution?

Join us as we discuss the benefits of adopting a 'build your own' (BYO) hyperconverged infrastructure solution.
June 13, 2022

StorMagic SvSAN 6.3 Compatibility with vSphere 7.0 and Hyper-V 2022

SvSAN 6.3 is now available to purchase and existing customers can upgrade to it right away, non-disruptively.
June 8, 2022

Vote Now! StorMagic a Finalist in the 2022 Storage Awards Program

We're excited to let you know; StorMagic has been shortlisted in SEVEN categories in the 2022 Storage Awards Program!
May 18, 2022

Infographic: SvSAN on KVM Hypervisors

Infographic: SvSAN on KVM - SvSAN is now fully compatible with Linux KVM hypervisors, available on Red Hat and CentOS distributions.
April 26, 2022

StorMagic Named in the 2022 CRN® Storage 100

StorMagic has been included in the 2022 CRN Storage 100 and has also been named a “Top 20 Coolest Vendor in Data Management”.
April 12, 2022

StorMagic ‘How-To’ Series: Upgrading an SvKMS 3-Node Cluster

In this SvKMS training video, we take viewers through a step-by-step explanation of how to upgrade a SvKMS 3-node cluster...
March 16, 2022

Avoid the ‘Hypervisor Tax’ with Linux KVM Hypervisors

In order to avoid the hypervisor tax, many organizations turn to open-source hypervisor options to enable virtualization...
February 24, 2022

It’s a Forever Data World. Companies Need a Forever Data Strategy.

Data at and from the edge is what StorMagic refers to as forever data. It is forever being created and utilized, and must be protected and...
February 14, 2022

StorMagic ‘How-To’ Series: Deploying and Uninstalling the HTML5 Plugin in vCenter

Continuing on with StorMagic’s SvSAN “How-To” training series, in the next two videos,  Steve Bettison describes how to deploy and...
February 3, 2022

StorMagic ‘How-To’ Series: Deploying and Restoring a VSA, via the OVA and Web GUI

In our next two videos, Steve Bettison, Technical Pre-Sales Engineer at StorMagic, looks at deploying our VSA via the OVA and restoring a...
January 27, 2022

Chain of Custody - A Beginner's Guide

In this Beginner’s Guide, we will be focusing on “chain of custody” in the context of digital evidence and criminal investigation.
January 20, 2022

StorMagic ARQvault Named a Finalist in 2021 Products of the Year Awards

We are thrilled to announce that StorMagic ARQvault was selected as a finalist in this year’s Products of the Year Awards program...
January 20, 2022

Get to Know StorMagic’s CEO – Danial Beer

We spent some time getting to know our new CEO, both professionally and personally, and finding out more about his vision and goals...
January 13, 2022

A Look Into StorMagic’s Crystal Ball: 2022 Predictions for Edge, Video, Security and More

The folks at StorMagic have been spending some time reflecting on the past year and contemplating what IT trends and transformations they...
December 23, 2021

Protect Your Data at the Edge with StorMagic, Commvault, and HPE

StorMagic SvSAN and Commvault Backup & Recovery software are now validated with HPE servers, and the full HPE-validated solution...
December 7, 2021

Where Did I Put That Video? DAM It.

A quality digital asset management (DAM) system enables you to locate and retrieve your digital assets quickly and easily.
December 2, 2021

Black Friday: A Survival Guide for Small Retailers

There's a lot of talk about consumer spending on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday -- and rightly so! On Friday, November 26th, and Monday...
November 24, 2021
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