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At StorMagic we’re keen to ensure our customers get the most out of our software and enjoy the best possible experience while doing so. We are always looking for more feedback on what works well and what doesn’t. Below is a selection of quotes from satisfied StorMagic customers.

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CreditPlus Bank

Torsten Kurz | CISO and Head of Team IT-Infrastructure and Systems

“StorMagic’s SvSAN was the product which met all of our requirements in terms of functionality, performance, reliability and cost effectiveness. Migration to SvSAN for the entire production system was realized within 2 weeks without a second of downtime.”

First Enterprise Bank

Chris Hood | IT Director

“The StorMagic solution was 87% less expensive than VMware’s – we spent less on the software and we were able to repurpose four existing servers instead of buying six new ones that vSAN required.”

Guthrie County State Bank

Steve Brubaker | IT Manager

“It met the requirements of being simple and cost effective, was easy to deploy, allowed for the usage of existing or off the shelf hardware, and proved to be very stable.”

Mediterranean Bank

Julian Vella | Senior Engineer – IT Systems

“StorMagic SvSAN helps our branches achieve the availability required to operate in the extremely secure, fast-paced world of banking. Their virtual SAN software is exactly what we needed to deliver the uptime and simplicity of management – while keeping to a very tight budget.”


Vernon van der Westhuizen | Managing Director

“StorMagic SvSAN is extremely cost effective and easy to use. The software’s simplicity, and the high availability and redundancy features we’ve added make SvSAN an ideal fit for our organization.”

GRG Public Resources

Paul Blaylock | Technology Manager

“StorMagic SvSAN delivers the features and benefits of a physical SAN without adding the complexities associated with more equipment from multiple vendors. With it, we have improved availability by 100 percent from our previous solution and are no longer concerned with downtime risks associated with server failures.”

Security Center of Iceland

Ásgeir Rúnar Viðarsson | IT Manager

“StorMagic’s approach aligned exactly with what we wanted to do. We’ve implemented a future-proof virtual SAN that offers high performance, availability and scalability to grow with us as our needs change over time. The solution is easy to use and affordable without compromising features. SvSAN has everything I need, and more.”

German Army

Bernd Maier | IT Consultant

“SvSAN is the only solution in the market that satisfies all of the requirements we have for our storage infrastructure – namely high availability, no single-point-of-failure and ease of management and deployment.”

Boston University Medical Campus

Bryan Bettencourt | Network Engineer III

“StorMagic SvSAN is a simple solution that we configured during the initial installation, and we haven’t had to look back since.”

Merit Network

Will Turner | Storage Engineer

“Our old storage platform was a poor fit, troubling us with low performance and reliability issues. When considering alternatives, our requirements were a scalable solution with solid performance and reliability, and ideally with a two-server configuration – so we chose SvSAN. We will be deploying SvSAN in other future projects that call for remote deployment, to avoid network cuts and we use it for monitoring purposes. We’re happy with StorMagic’s support when we’ve needed it and will definitely be renewing our maintenance and support contract.”

University of Oxford

Diggory Gray | IT Officer

“With StorMagic, the University of Oxford’s Faculty of Classics now has true high availability for our most important applications at a very low cost – and without using significant server or people resources.”

E.ON Climate & Renewables

Uwe Fischer | Head of Asset Information Systems

“StorMagic’s SvSAN enables us to cost effectively implement simple, 2-server highly available systems with minimal hardware requirements. With VMware and SvSAN at each location, we dramatically reduce the risk of downtime for energy-production applications and eliminate the need for on-site support. High availability is essential for us to maintain continuity of operations at our remote sites. However the extreme location challenges we face mean that physical shared storage solutions are prohibitively expensive for us to implement.”

Milwaukee Water Works

George Knops | Network Administrator

“It’s fast and easy to get up and running, extremely reliable and by far the easiest product I’ve dealt with. In minutes we were able to present datastores to our environment. Working with the technical support was nothing short of awesome.”

Digital Risk, LLC

David Mahgerefteh | Director of IT

“With StorMagic and Cisco UCS, we were able to use just two servers and avoid the up-front and maintenance costs associated with a SAN, saving around $250,000.”

Cover & Rossiter

Darren Wright | IT Consultant

“StorMagic and HCI are changing the way IT staffs are able to manage data today. SvSAN offers never before seen affordability and flexibility, and fits both the requirements and budgets for many environments — from accounting firms, to small medical offices and multi-branch retail stores, to large enterprise environments. Data management has gone from nearly impossible to nonexistent since we installed our SvSAN solution; customers can virtually eliminate downtime and outage losses with StorMagic.”

Praxis IFM

Andrew Ingrouille | Group Head of Technology

“StorMagic’s stretch cluster capability enabled us to spread the hardware between two different datacentres that are 30 miles apart, while still delivering the required performance for all of our applications and users. SvSAN has dramatically lowered our storage costs, reduced risk and enhanced performance.”

CITA (Contrôle et Information du Trafic sur les Autoroutes)

Stéfan Roemer | ICT Manager

“Our SvSAN active/active solution is 50 percent less expensive and ten times easier to manage than our previous solution. We chose StorMagic to eliminate complexity, meet uptime requirements and add scalability to support us as our needs evolve over time.”

Technické služby města Mostu a.s.

Jan Valenta | Network Administrator

“We were looking to modernize our IT infrastructure, but with a small IT budget to invest in new solutions. We needed a solution that worked within our existing VMware environment and provided highly available storage. StorMagic SvSAN eliminated single points of failure and displayed good performance in testing. There was no need to buy an expensive vSAN from VMware or additional hardware.”

Centre Hospitalier Pierre Oudot

Antoine Lagarde | Senior IT Technical

“We needed a cost-effective solution with data replication features, allowing us to access and share critical data at all times. This information needed to be secure as it involved confidential patient records. Before arriving at StorMagic we tested other solutions, but found StorMagic SvSAN a good solution with an attractive price.”

St. Josefshaus

Burkhard Saftig | IT Systemsmanager

“With the implementation of StorMagic SvSAN we were able to improve performance by 88% with batch processing time cut to under 10 minutes.”

Axians Caen Nextel

Axians Caen Nextel

Frédéric Broussey | Ingenieur System Networks

“High availability was a necessity for one of our projects. We looked at several options and deployed SvSAN for the project. We’re content that SvSAN works and was the right choice for our requirements.”

Cisco Secure Ops

Nicky Haan | Business Architect

“StorMagic’s virtual SAN helped us lower our infrastructure costs by completely eliminating external storage and delivering more than 99% uptime for our IT security offering. This is a huge time saving for everyone involved.”

CKS Systeme

Marian Kuper | Project Manager

“CKS runs critical dispatch and alarm applications for fire departments, rescue services and police departments, which require high availability, so we, and our customers, rely on continuous uptime in the event of an emergency. With SvSAN, we’ve added redundancy which has virtually eliminated downtime, since live updates can be conducted without system interruption. CKS has also reduced administration time and hardware costs by migrating from external physical SANs to a virtualized environment with StorMagic SvSAN.”


Torben Wolf | Teamleiter Inside Sales

“SvSAN allows us to switch between features without downtime and keep our data secure at all times. Compared to other solutions, SvSAN is more cost-effective to deploy and easier to manage.”


Timmy Gielen | Owner

“We’ve been able to create high availability in local storage while using StorMagic SvSAN in the cloud. Though we looked and tested other solutions, SvSAN seemed the most suitable product at the right price for our requirements. Testing and deployment went without problems. Where we’ve had slight issues since deployment, SvSAN’s support team have been a great help in getting us back up and running quickly.”


Anders Kringstad | Solutions Architect

“We’ve seen a ten-fold increase in performance on those servers running SvSAN – it used to be 50MB/second, now it’s 500-800MB/second – plus we see outstanding hardware redundancy on a two node cluster. Redundancy is ridiculous, SvSAN gives us five 9s, the gold-standard of redundancy. We’ve built a solution with SvSAN that offers our customers a ten-fold improvement in performance, and at half the cost. It just works and then gets out of your way.”


Giuseppe Gagliolo | IT Manager

“The reliability guaranteed by SvSAN and the creation of a single point of management allows us to provide maximum assurance of reliability to our monitoring and geolocalization services.”

Mills & Reeve

Dave Bradshaw | IT Infrastructure Manager

“I would absolutely recommend StorMagic’s SvSAN. It’s ease of use, speed of deployment and management makes it a truly “set-and-forget” solution. We have virtually eliminated downtime associated with hardware failures since implementing SvSAN.”

Adam Equipment logo

Adam Equipment

Barry Nelson | I.T. Manager

“Previously we had a Dell Physical SAN but when our support ran out we looked at other options. We looked at other virtual SAN solutions, but unlike the others StorMagic SvSAN ticked all our boxes: low support cost, low outlay cost and reliability. When contacting support during setup they helped us out straight away. We’re very happy with StorMagic SvSAN and are now looking at deployment into our other offices.”

Artrok S.L

Artrok S.L.

Juan Pablo Mena | Jefe de Producción

“We have a number of security applications and needed a solution that could maintain high levels of uptime. We’re very positive about StorMagic SvSAN. It runs well and we’ve had no problems since deployment.”


Fabio Prosperi | Systems Information Manager

“Our StorMagic SvSAN cluster was deployed and fully operational in less than two hours. We are able to remotely manage the entire system, which is a major improvement and time saver over traditional, physical SAN cluster management.

CAE is saving space, money and time: we eliminated four rack units, reduced power supply requirements by at least two kilowatts and are experiencing much faster shutdown and startup times compared to our previous solution.”

Fitesa Germany

Dirk Mueller | IT Manager

“StorMagic SvSAN makes life much easier; we are achieving 100% continuous uptime which is mandatory for our 24x7x365 live production environment. Fitesa instantly integrated simplicity and removed complexities with StorMagic’s highly available, easy to manage and affordable virtual SAN.”

Hermann Bantleon

Alexander Bunk | CIO

“Once it became clear that StorMagic SvSAN offers exactly the functionality we needed, Thomas-Krenn really caught our attention as we moved into the offer phase. This is what high availability and hyperconvergence should be like: uncomplicated installation and maintenance, available when needed and otherwise running reliably and quietly in the background.”

Keiser Corporation

Gus Gustafson | Information Systems Manager

“The primary benefit of StorMagic SvSAN is redundant storage and physical space between the servers. We have a very large factory and the servers are in opposite corners of the building – rather than housed in one room, which would be a disaster if there was a fire or an accident,”


David Tourny | Responsible for IT

“As the sole IT support resource for the Eeklo factory, it is my responsibility to ensure we have real-time failover so that production is never interrupted. StorMagic SvSAN gives me this confidence. We have 23 production lines that need to remain operational day and night. If anything should go wrong and a robot stops working, it has a huge impact on our business. We were looking for an easy solution that could deal with real time failover and wasn’t as expensive as vSAN. There are a lot of products on the market that do a similar job but cannot guarantee a real time failover. With SvSAN we have the same quality as we had in the datacentre at less expense than vSAN. We run SvSAN on just a two server configuration, one either side of the building so that one will keep working if there’s a situation such as fire. Where necessary, usually when changing little things at our end, StorMagic technical support has been a great help to us.”

TDK Europe

Timo Hauke | IT Director

“With SvSAN, TDK offices are now running continuously and productivity has significantly increased for salespeople and the IT team that supports them.”

Sheetz logo

Sheetz Inc.

Scott Robertson | Universal Endpoint Unit Manager

“The StorMagic support team was top-notch and helped us plan out the deployment procedures and deal with any minor issues that popped up. They have been fantastic partners throughout this entire journey.”

Dindas Australia

Simon Darwent | IT Manager

“The StorMagic SvSAN product has served us really well for the last few years. It has been bulletproof.”

Autohaus Gruppe Seitz

Autohaus Gruppe Seitz

Max Berndt | Head of IT

“The new solution had us excited right from the beginning! The installation went smoothly, and the system can comfortably meet our requirements. Performance was essential for us. We cannot afford to spend half a day waiting for data imports. With the new solution the speed has increased enormously and positive feedback from our users confirm this.”



Manuel Diemer | IT System Administrator

“The implemented concept covers our requirements excellently and the implementation with the partners was optimal. In particular, the fact that we can also do justice to our basic ecological concept is of course an additional plus point.”

The Maho Group

Huub Lambooy | Director of Technology

“StorMagic’s SvSAN keeps our important business applications running, even through multiple entire-site power outages which are common in the Caribbean. In fact, since installing StorMagic five years ago, we have had zero unplanned downtime.”

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Bart de Goeij | Asset Management/Maintenance & Operations

“During system testing and automatic reboots, SvSAN recovers and starts synchronizing immediately, and in just 20 minutes, everything is fully fault tolerant again with no manual intervention. We’ve experienced 100% system uptime for six years and counting. We’re saving time, energy and costs with SvSAN.”

ANA logo

ANA Aeroportos de Portugal

Pedro Ponte | IT Consultant

“I can’t believe how easy and reliable StorMagic SvSAN truly is. The Lisbon airport now has the confidence that our airplane docking/guiding system can survive almost any type of failure, and we saved a whole bunch of money along the way.”

benore logistics

Benore Logistic Systems Inc.

Douglas Shelfoon | Executive Director of Technology

“Benore’s environment has realized a tenfold increase in performance rates and experienced 100 percent uptime since installation. SvSAN just works – and works well – for the long haul.”

CDS Group of Companies

CDS Group of Companies

Ryan Anderson | Manager of IT

“We had two locations requiring replication and vMotion and saw StorMagic SvSAN as a cost-effective solution that met our requirements. With the deployment of SvSAN we are able to have four servers set as two separate SvSAN clusters, located a few hundred metres apart across different buildings. As of today we’ve had zero issues, no split brain scenarios and I’m confident that I can go on holiday without downtime! StorMagic’s technical team were great with advising us on upgrading the product and next year we might be looking to buy new StorMagic licenses.”

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