Keeping store apps and data always available

The Ideal Solution for In-Store Computing and Storage

For retailers, in-store infrastructure can be complicated and expensive. Large retail chains suffer from spiraling costs and complexity as solutions are deployed across hundreds or even thousands of stores. Smaller retailers may have lower store counts, but face their own difficulties with limited budgets and resources. SvSAN provides the simplest and most lightweight virtual SAN (vSAN) solution on the market, significantly reducing costs per site. This makes it a perfect hyperconverged storage solution for the retail industry.

Keep your POS, stock control, and all your in-store applications highly available with SvSAN. All you need are two x86 servers at each location, with very light server hardware and networking requirements.

“Sheetz has been able to centrally manage multiple in-store applications quickly and affordably and drastically reduce the number of hardware failures with StorMagic… Thanks to some automated processes and the relatively seamless conversions, we’ve escalated the timeline to standardize on SvSAN across all of our convenience stores.”

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Scott Robertson,
Universal Endpoint Unit Manager
Sheetz Inc.

Virtualizing in-store applications across 600+ stores

Hear from Gary Sliver, Director of IT Infrastructure at Sheetz Inc, a US-based convenience store chain with over 600 locations, as he shares his experience with StorMagic SvSAN – how it addressed the problems his organization was facing, and why he would recommend StorMagic to others.

Why SvSAN for Retail?

In-store operations are the lifeblood of most retailers, from the smallest to the largest. Thus, the need for robust systems for computing and storage in the store, at the edge, where applications run and valuable data is being generated. The best way to achieve this is with highly available hyperconverged storage solutions in the store. The best HCI solution for retail stores is StorMagic SvSAN, which provides the absolute lowest cost way to run in-store applications with 100% uptime. SvSAN is:

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SvSAN for Retail

For a more in-depth look at SvSAN for retail environments, check out our comprehensive SvSAN for Retail brochure

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“Giant Eagle selected StorMagic’s three-node configuration for increased resiliency and availability to deliver a superior end user experience while providing a highly secure platform. The SvKMS key management solution has provided additional integration within the StorMagic platform and provides the encryption we require to keep our customers’ critical data secure.”

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Jeff Moore,
Senior Manager Enterprise Server
Giant Eagle, Inc.