Data is the heartbeat of modern healthcare

Better Healthcare Starts at the Edge

The heartbeat of healthcare’s digital transformation and the patient experience is fluid, real-time, securely protected data. New and expanded uses of technologies creates more data from more places and more devices, all with the potential to contribute to more positive health outcomes. To utilize this data and derive value, it must be available and protected at its source. The best way to reliably provide data availability and security is with computing at the edge.

StorMagic SvSAN is a 2-node virtual SAN (vSAN) that lets healthcare providers of all types and sizes run applications with ease and provides 100% uptime at the edge, where data is generated. It removes single points of failure, minimizing both planned and unplanned downtime, at the lowest cost-per-site on the market. This makes it the perfect hyperconverged storage solution to keep your data available and your facilities up and running. All you need are two x86 servers at each desired location, with very light server hardware and networking requirements.

“Healthcare systems are dealing with an increasing volume of digital data every day. But relying on the cloud or on-premises servers means they’re limited by data transmission speeds, bandwidth, issues around privacy and security, and cost. The ability to process data locally on the edge addresses all of these challenges.”

Frost & Sullivan

Sid Shah,
Program Manager
Transformational Health Practice, Frost & Sullivan

SvSAN for Healthcare

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Virtualizing applications for outpatient oncology

Hear from Michael Ochmann, Leader of IT Services at Omnicare, as he shares his experience with StorMagic SvSAN – how it addressed the problems his organization was facing, and why he would recommend StorMagic to others.

Why SvSAN for Healthcare?

Healthcare data is valuable and plentiful and can literally mean life or death in some cases. Healthcare providers must have reliable solutions for the processing and protection of this data. It should be captured and protected at its source and always available when needed. The best way to achieve this is with highly available hyperconverged storage at the edge. And the best hyperconverged storage for healthcare is StorMagic SvSAN, which provides simple, flexible, and reliable 100% uptime.

Virtual SAN (VSAN) use case in Healthcare

“We needed a cost-effective solution with data replication features, allowing us to access and share critical data at all times. This information needed to be secure as it involved confidential patient records. Before arriving at StorMagic we tested other solutions, but found StorMagic SvSAN a good solution with an attractive price.”

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Antoine Lagarde,
Senior IT Technical
Centre Hospitalier Pierre Oudot