Store, protect, and use your data at and from  the edge

StorMagic products give your edge an edge

StorMagic products are designed for the edge, SME, and related environments.

With 75% of all data expected to be created at the edge by 20221, we believe you should: “Start at the edge and work your way out.”

  • We are a software company that believes in open standards, giving you flexibility to choose the servers, storage, hypervisors, and other items needed for your ever-expanding number of sites, devices, and data types.
  • We make sure our products are flexible, robust, simple to use, and cost-effective.

Our three main product lines, plus cloud-based offerings, provide hyperconverged infrastructure, video surveillance, and encryption key management solutions. They provide important elements of a Forever Data strategy to help you store, protect, and use your data at and from the edge.

StorMagic SvSAN

Features and Benefits

SvSAN provides your edge and SME sites with:

  • No single point of failure – high availability with only two nodes
  • Synchronous mirroring – an exact copy of data on both nodes
  • Greater resiliency – deploy a cluster locally or stretch it hundreds of miles
  • A remote lightweight witness – One VM manages up to 1,000 sites
  • Optional three node configurations – maintains HA during a single node failure and maintenance windows
SvSAN 3-Node with Containers

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StorMagic ARQvault VMS

Features and Benefits

ARQvault VMS provides your organization with a complete video surveillance solution:

  • Extensive camera controls and viewing options

  • Intelligent search using rich metadata
  • Powerful and secure video storage management

  • Easy to use and manage

  • Improves network performance and reduces storage costs by 50%

ARQvault VMS Architecture

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StorMagic SvKMS

Features and Benefits

SvKMS provides your organization with:

  • Enterprise key management for any encryption workflow – at the edge or in the datacenter, cloud, or multi-cloud.
  • A single virtualized appliance that manages all your encryption keys, anywhere
  • Key management that runs in any cloud or hypervisor, single and multi-tenanted configurations
  • Quick and easy setup
  • The lowest price for modern key management
SvKMS 2-node Features and Benefits

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StorMagic Cloud Services

Features and Benefits

StorMagic Cloud Services let your organization move systems and processes to the cloud that were previously unavailable. StorMagic Cloud Services include Key Management as a Service (KMaaS) for encryption key management and Witness as a Service (WaaS) for SvSAN quorum maintenance.

Key Management as a Service (KMaaS)

  • Supports any workload – on premises, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud
  • Ensures keys are always secure and accessible
  • Deploys in less than 5 minutes
StorMagic Cloud - KMaaS

Witness as a Service (WaaS)

  • Supports up to 1,000 sites each
  • Eliminates downtime with only 2 servers per cluster
  • Reduces costs by at least 33% at all sites
Heartbeat - Witness as a Service - WaaS

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