Have you heard the big news? StorMagic has acquired the assets of SoleraTec, a video and digital asset management software company, and launched a new solution, StorMagic ARQvault.

This announcement marks an important milestone in StorMagic’s history, as we’ve released a new product completely unlike any other solution we’ve developed before and entered an entirely new market. We look forward to making our mark in the digital asset management space, and introducing this one-of-a-kind product to the industry.

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What Is StorMagic ARQvault? 

The first ever active intelligent repository, StorMagic ARQvault enables organizations to gather data anywhere, store it forever, and find it fast. It also allows businesses to save at least 50% on storage, by automatically moving data to any type of storage, anywhere. 

Unique ARQvault features and benefits include: 

  • Gather Anywhere: ARQvault provides a platform for rich analysis, no matter the source of the data. It allows organizations to use any digital asset and unstructured data (i.e. video, images, audio, files), and eliminates vendor lock-in by supporting compatibility with any server and any storage. Its architecture is flexible, allowing vaults to live anywhere and be added at any time, and scales effortlessly, from 1 to 1000s of sites. **(A vault consists of a server, storage, and ARQvault software.)**
  • Store Forever: The solution uses automated tiering, for optimized performance at a much lower cost. Utilizing policy based decisions and providing customers complete control over their data hierarchy, ARQvault reduces both CAPEX and OPEX, costing around 50% less than current solutions. It is also incredibly secure, ensuring data is unaltered and safe through multiple layers of protection, and is remarkably easy to use and manage over time. 
  • Find Fast: Through intelligent search, ARQvault ensures data is always available and easy to find. It utilizes a distributed architecture to eliminate single points of failure and allows data to be stored, moved, and retrieved from anywhere. Searching for data is simple and quick, no matter the data location or age. Rich metadata provides powerful insight and analysis and ARQvault delivers advanced reporting and integration with other analytics programs.  

Introducing, ARQvault Solutions 

In addition to the ARQvault platform, StorMagic is also introducing two new ARQvault solutions to the market: 

  • ARQvault Video Surveillance: The ARQvault VMS module provides camera configuration, live viewing, video wall, specific third-party analytics integration, such as license plate and facial recognition, and more. Combined with ARQvault, this provides a complete video surveillance solution. If you already have a VMS solution, ARQvault’s VMS Connector module enables a third party VMS to be seamlessly integrated to leverage ARQvault’s features and benefits.  
  • ARQvault Digital Evidence Management: The ARQvault digital evidence management modules include: File Ingest, In-Car, Body Cam, and Interview Room. These modules provide specific capabilities needed in digital evidence management systems and other uses where in-car video, body cameras, and/or room-specific cameras are utilized.

Interested in learning more? Visit the ARQvault page on our website and download our ARQvault and ARQvault Video Surveillance solution briefs. You can also watch our recorded webinar on-demand for a deep dive into the solution, it’s features and benefits, and more. 

Reach out to our sales team at sales@stormagic.com with any questions.

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