SvSAN is a software-defined storage solution designed to run on two or more servers. It is uniquely architected with the combination of a light footprint, availability out-of-the-box, uncompromising performance and centralized management deployment across a remote and branch office environment.

SvSAN eliminates the need for a physical SAN which are costly, complex and present a single point of failure. With high availability, out-of-the-box business critical applications and IT services suffer no downtime and the removal of a SAN along with the low cost of commodity servers and storage lowers IT acquisition and operating cost. Thousands of large organizations and SMEs across 72 countries have already chosen SvSAN to modernize their IT infrastructure.

This white paper discusses the latest product release of StorMagic SvSAN and the common IT challenges that can be resolved by deploying StorMagic SvSAN in your organization.