Disaster Recovery – Reducing Risk and Ensuring Business Continuity

Best practices for protecting business data and avoiding downtime Here we are in the 21st Century where an ‘always-on’ culture and ‘highly-available-everything’ infrastructure makes us all subscribe to the notion that we are protected and ready for anything. But are we? It’s not possible to mitigate every disaster, indeed cost and time constraints often force us to focus on [...]

SvSAN: Cuando La Hiperconvergencia Se Vuelve Fácil

StorMagic los invita a aprender más sobre nuestra solución SvSAN de hiperconvergencia. StorMagic SvSAN es una solución SAN virtual que ofrece computación y almacenamiento de alta disponibilidad en solo dos nodos por clúster hiperconvergente. Es una solución de software ligera, de bajo costo y altamente flexible perfecta para sitios de Edge, para grandes organizaciones con cientos de ubicaciones a compañías [...]

Why Build Your Own Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solution?

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) is a hot topic, it seems that every server vendor in the IT industry is talking about it and has an offering or play in the space. But, what exactly is hyperconverged infrastructure? Simply put, hyperconverged infrastructures are solutions that combine compute, storage, networking and virtualization into a single platform. You can read a more detailed description [...]

StorMagic SvSAN Data Sheet

StorMagic SvSAN: A virtual SAN made simple StorMagic SvSAN is a virtual SAN - a software-defined solution designed to run on two or more servers and deliver highly available shared storage. SvSAN simplifies your IT infrastructure. It eliminates the need for a physical SAN, enabling hyperconvergence by virtualizing the internal compute and storage of any x86 server and presenting [...]

StorMagic SvSAN 6.3 Compatibility with vSphere 7.0 and Hyper-V 2022

Downtime, cost, and performance are massively important factors for companies today when it comes to choosing IT infrastructure and solutions. Thanks to physical SANs and legacy IT hardware filling up floor space, adding complexity, and cutting heavily into department budgets, many organizations have switched to a virtualized environment. Doing so benefits users greatly by enabling the hyperconvergence of compute, networking [...]

Vote Now! StorMagic a Finalist in the 2022 Storage Awards Program

We're excited to let you know; StorMagic has been shortlisted in SEVEN categories in the 2022 Storage Awards Program! The Storage Awards is an annual program that recognizes the industry's finest products, companies and people. Thanks to the help of our readers, StorMagic earned the title “HCI Vendor of the Year” in this awards program, in both 2020 and 2021. [...]

Product Introduction to SvSAN

StorMagic SvSAN simplifies IT storage. In contrast to the numerous competing solutions in the storage market, StorMagic SvSAN is not complex, expensive or difficult to manage. At its heart is an ambition to give your organization simple virtual storage. It makes the complex simple. This Product Introduction document for SvSAN provides a high level explanation of the product, its [...]

StorMagic SvSAN with KVM Hypervisor Data Sheet

StorMagic SvSAN is the virtual SAN that makes the complex world of virtualized storage simple. Perfect for edge computing environments, the technology is based on software-defined storage that eliminates the need for physical SANs. SvSAN is designed to be very simple to install and manage, whether deployed as part of a hyperconverged solution or as a storage-only target for [...]

Infographic: SvSAN on KVM Hypervisors

StorMagic SvSAN can be installed on a Linux KVM hypervisor, creating the lowest cost way to deploy highly available hyperconverged clusters. By using a KVM hypervisor with SvSAN, organizations eliminate the hypervisor tax and combined with the lightweight 2-node cluster architecture for SvSAN, organizations can reduce their solution costs by over 60%. The benefits of leveraging a KVM hypervisor when [...]

Avoid the Hypervisor Tax: A Highly Available 2-Node KVM HCI Solution

The costs and complexities of typical hypervisors are creating more and more headaches for organizations. Escalating license fees and upgrade costs, allied to restrictive and demanding system requirements to enable the advanced hypervisor features necessary for modern IT are prompting business leaders to look elsewhere for their virtualization software. The open-source Linux KVM hypervisor is what business leaders are turning [...]

StorMagic Named in the 2022 CRN® Storage 100

It’s a great day to celebrate at StorMagic! CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named StorMagic to its annual Storage 100 list in the Data Management category. The Storage 100 honors the best-in-class storage vendors that provide innovative products and services to the IT channel. StorMagic was also named a “Top 20 Coolest Vendor in Data Management” as [...]

Avoid the ‘Hypervisor Tax’ with Linux KVM Hypervisors

When implementing virtualized IT infrastructure, a hypervisor is commonly used to create and run virtual machines (VMs). A hypervisor is a piece of software that helps divide and allocate resources on various pieces of hardware. It enables multiple operating systems to run on a single host, simultaneously. While there are many benefits to implementing a hypervisor within your organization’s virtualized [...]

It’s a Forever Data World. Companies Need a Forever Data Strategy.

There is an explosion of data being created by organizations at the edge. Not only do these businesses have dozens to thousands of sites that are contributing to their data growth, but they are also collecting data from a variety of sources (i.e. IoT, video, employees, processes). This data must be managed in a unique way, as edge locations often [...]

StorMagic ‘How-To’ Series: Deploying and Uninstalling the HTML5 Plugin in vCenter

StorMagic’s Technical Pre-Sales Support team has produced a series of training videos for our customers and partners, demonstrating how to do certain things in the setup, configuration, and general operations of our software products (i.e. SvSAN, SvKMS & ARQvault). Thus far, we’ve published fourteen different SvSAN “How-To” videos on topics like installing the SvSAN witness on a Windows server, upgrading [...]

StorMagic ‘How-To’ Series: Deploying and Restoring a VSA, via the OVA and Web GUI

Welcome back to StorMagic’s “How-To” video series! This series is a compilation of training videos for our customers and partners, showing how to perform certain actions in the setup, configuration, and general operation of our software products. Videos will be available for all three of our products (SvSAN, SvKMS, and ARQvault) in the near future. These latest training videos are [...]

Visionary – How SvSAN Progressed in the Gartner Magic Quadrant

StorMagic is thrilled to have been recognized as a “Visionary” in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software. While StorMagic and our solution SvSAN have been included in the report the past four years in a row, this is the first time we’ve made our way into the “Visionary” quadrant. Join us in this recorded webinar for a [...]

Edge Data Protection with StorMagic, Commvault and HPE

Webinar held in partnership with: Protecting data at the edge can be challenging. Edge environments need solutions that are reliable, flexible, and easy to use, and that can adequately protect their workloads, while maintaining the performance, processing, and minimal footprint they require. StorMagic, Commvault, and HPE understand these needs, and have combined forces to deliver a [...]

StorMagic SvSAN with Commvault Solution Brief

Edge Data Protection with HPE, StorMagic, and Commvault HPE Complete provides ultimate protection for the edge. Protect workloads on and off the edge with StorMagic SvSAN and Commvault Backup and Recovery. Challenges at the edge The enterprise IT landscape is going through a digital transformation, as it shifts from single-purpose data center designs to new technologies that deliver agility, [...]

Protect Your Data at the Edge with StorMagic, Commvault, and HPE

Enterprises operating at the network edge require reliable, flexible, and easy-to-use solutions to address their unique challenges and help protect their sensitive data. StorMagic, Commvault, and HPE fully understand these needs, which is why we joined forces to deliver the ultimate edge data protection solution. StorMagic SvSAN and Commvault Backup & Recovery software are now validated with HPE servers, and [...]

Infographic: StorMagic Named “Visionary” in 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for HCI Software

StorMagic has been recognized for the fourth year in succession in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software, and has been named as a "Visionary" for the first time. The infographic below celebrates our inclusion and highlights some of our key areas of improvement that we've focused on to ensure our continued recognition. We accredit our recognition as [...]

A Roundtable Discussion on Edge IT Trends, Challenges & Best Practices

Retail stores, manufacturing plants, oil and gas wells, and shipping warehouses are all examples of facilities that are collecting large amounts of data at the network edge. Processing data at these edge locations can be challenging, due to a lack of equipment, bandwidth, and technical support. Edge environments require specialized IT solutions, designed to address their unique requirements. In [...]

Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software, 2021

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software delivers a comprehensive analysis of the hyperconverged market and various vendors in the HCI space. It provides in-depth evaluation of each vendor’s latest developments, as well as their cautions and strengths. This is the fourth consecutive year that StorMagic has been included in the report, and we are incredibly proud to [...]

Our Vision. Your Edge. StorMagic: A Visionary in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software 2021

The 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software has been released and StorMagic is proud to have been recognized in the report, for the fourth year running! While being included in the report is an honor in itself, we are particularly pleased to have been recognized as a “Visionary” in the 2021 report. In years past, we’ve been recognized [...]

A Super Simple, Robust, Edge Solution: Hivecell Edge-as-a-Service with StorMagic SvSAN

Earlier this year, Hivecell and StorMagic debuted a new solution, designed to deliver edge computing on an enterprise-scale: Edge-as-a-Service. This unique offering combines Hivecell HCI and StorMagic SvSAN, bringing highly available computing and storage to the edge, as a subscription service. Edge-as-a-Service is intended to address common challenges faced by edge computing environments, including deploying and overseeing hundreds to thousands [...]

StorMagic ‘How-To’ Series: Configuring SvSAN with SvKMS Encryption Key Management

StorMagic Technical Pre-Sales Engineer, Steve Bettison, recently produced a new series of training videos for our customers and partners. Within this series, Steve demonstrates how to perform certain actions in the setup, configuration, and general operation of our software products -- SvSAN, SvKMS, and ARQvault. The first set of videos in this ‘How-To’ series cover training demonstrations for SvSAN, our [...]

StorMagic ‘How-To’ Series: Using the SvSAN Plugin with vSphere & vCenter

Welcome back to the StorMagic “How-To” video series! Here at StorMagic we’re producing training videos for our customers and partners, to show how to perform certain actions in the setup, configuration, and general operation of our software products (SvSAN, SvKMS, ARQvault). Led by Technical Pre-Sales Engineer, Steve Bettison, the next set of videos continues to focus on tutorials for SvSAN [...]

StorMagic Named “Hyperconvergence Vendor of the Year” for Two Years in a Row

This past week, Storage Magazine announced the winners of the 2021 Storage Awards (The Storries XVIII), at a black-tie gala in London. StorMagic proudly took home the award for “Hyperconvergence Vendor of the Year,” for the second year in a row! We were recognized in the “Hyperconvergence Vendor of the Year” category for our virtual SAN solution, SvSAN, which delivers [...]

Infographic: Giant Eagle with StorMagic SvSAN and SvKMS

Keeping a retail organization’s instore applications online is critical to ensure shops remain open, but it is even more paramount for pharmacy systems and patient data. Giant Eagle, one of the United States’ largest food retailers needed a solution to eliminate downtime and keep their instore pharmacies operational and their data secure. The infographic below details how Giant Eagle turned [...]