Case Study Spotlight: ITsjefen AS

Published On: 24th October 2017//1.3 min read//

Mission: improve system performance

ITsjefen AS is a hosting and managed services provider based in Tronheim, Norway. As part of their mission to offer impeccable highly available service to their customers, Solutions Architect Anders Kringstad realised that they needed to improve system performance.

After reviewing the hyperconverged market – and deeming usual suspects unsuitable – ITsjefen decided to put SvSAN to the test. Anders put SvSAN through its paces in a gruelling lab environment – and found that it exceeded expectations in terms of both cost and performance.

Anders reported:

“We’ve seen a ten-fold increase in performance on those servers running SvSAN … plus we see outstanding hardware redundancy on a two-node cluster,” says Anders.

“Redundancy is ridiculous, SvSAN gives us five 9s, the gold-standard of redundancy. We’ve built a solution with SvSAN that offers our customers a ten-fold improvement in performance, and at half the cost.”

Mission accomplished

Impressed by the test results and the simplicity of implementing SvSAN, ITsjefen went ahead with their plans to improve system performance and unleashed SvSAN across multiple locations.

To learn more about ITsjefen’s journey and find out how SvSAN helped them save time and money while improving performance, check out the full case study by clicking here. If you’d like to learn how SvSAN has helped businesses across a broad range of industries, you can view the full case study collection here.

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