Replacing an Old SAN

Published On: 25th October 2017//1.8 min read//

Aging SANs put your business at risk

Is your SAN getting old? Is the maintenance becoming increasingly expensive and time-consuming? Has it failed recently? Are you running out of much-needed capacity?

If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘yes’, then perhaps you’re already looking into replacing your old SAN with a newer model. But, the best decision for your new SAN could be to have no SAN at all!

Leading manufacturers are eliminating SANs in their plants. Government agencies are eliminating SANs in their local offices. Fortune 100 retailers eliminated SANs years ago.

Virtual SANs: a simple, modern alternative

When you made your last SAN decision, a SAN was probably the only option available that would provide shared storage for your servers. But because the CPUs of servers have continued to double their power and hard disk drives have doubled their capacity every few years, while high-performance solid state drives have become increasingly affordable for performance-sensitive applications, it’s now possible to use server virtualization to reduce the number of servers to two and deliver more than enough performance and capacity for many mid-sized and smaller environments using nothing more than the internal storage of those two servers. In short – virtual SANs are cutting costs and simplifying storage for businesses around the world.

Virtual SANs are available from several suppliers, but StorMagic SvSAN is unique due to its simple approach; requiring less memory, less CPU, and less network performance to deliver equivalent levels of application performance. SvSAN is also unique in the way in which it delivers high availability. Competing offerings require more WAN bandwidth, rely on lower latency, and need more quorum servers to prevent data corruption in split-brain scenarios.

Want further detail? Sign up for our webinar ‘Replacing your Old Physical SAN with SvSAN’ to find out how you can reduce costs by virtualizing your organization’s infrastructure.

If you’d like to follow the evolution of storage (including the rise of virtual SANs over traditional SANs), you can catch up on our blog series here.

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Our webinar ‘Replacing your old physical SAN with SvSAN’ is now available to watch on demand

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