Simple Storage for Complex Companies

Published On: 20th October 2017//1.8 min read//

Storage can quickly become complicated as businesses branch out

Large organizations know more than most about how difficult it can be to ensure continuity of business operations. Maintaining business up time across multiple branch offices is a big challenge, even for the most experienced of IT administration teams.

‘Inevitability’ is an IT administrator’s sworn enemy. What’s certain is that IT failure (of some kind or another) is guaranteed in every infrastructure. It’s up to the admins to prepare for the situation without knowing when or where it will strike.

Virtualization is often that first line of defence as it simplifies branch office environments by reducing hardware requirements and improving downtime resolution which improves business uptime and reduces IT operational costs.

Although virtualization improves branch uptime and reduces downtime resolution, it does not prevent down time entirely – it only prolongs the ‘inevitable’.

High Availability – ensuring that a system remains continuously operation for as long as possible – solves this for us, but how is it achieved? It comes down to shared storage (traditionally a SAN), which holds all data and is separate from the servers that are processing and serving up data to the business users.

The issue here is that traditional physical storage solutions are very costly to implement, maintain and are complex, requiring storage specific IT administrators on site for deployment. Plus, such a large reliance on hardware is tempting fate – any failures are likely to be expensive and potentially time-consuming to remedy.

Keep storage simple and cost-effective with SvSAN

For a large organization, SAN solutions just aren’t a cost-effective or practical solution for their multiple branch locations. StorMagic SvSAN on the other hand is an ideal solution for large organizations – leveraging the internal storage disks of servers to mirror data across 2 hosts, and presenting that mirrored data as shared storage.

Find out more about how SvSAN can cut your hardware costs and prevent damaging downtime by checking out our collection of white papers. Alternatively, find out why companies around the world love our simple, cost-effective and flexible virtual SAN by downloading a free 10 day SvSAN trial.

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