Analyst Firm DCIG Publishes Competitive Intelligence Report on Hyperconverged Edge Solutions

StorMagic SvSAN Commended for Simplicity, Flexibility and Low Cost in Edge Environments

BRISTOL, England–15 October, 2019– StorMagic®, simplifying storage at the edge, announced today the availability of a new third-party Competitive Intelligence Report- Executive Edition from DCIG, LLC titled, “A Comparison of How StorMagic SvSAN and VMware vSAN Deliver on Enterprise Edge Computing and Storage Requirements.” The report’s findings guide enterprise edge customers as they review the virtual SAN options to modernize their infrastructures.

StorMagic SvSAN is a practical, sustainable solution for edge companies with dozens or hundreds of locations that are looking to achieve high availability with minimal hardware requirements at a reasonable cost,” said Jerome Wendt, president and founder, DCIG, LLC. “SvSAN is both hardware and hypervisor agnostic, so customers can easily integrate it with no changes required in the current environment. The solution’s TCO value is underscored by its efficiency and low network bandwidth requirements.”

In the study, vSAN and SvSAN are examined side-by-side with many differentiators analyzed in depth. DCIG conducts a detailed dive into the solutions’ benefits by category, including hardware requirements, hypervisor support and licensing, high availability configuration requirements and management capabilities.

“StorMagic SvSAN shows very well competitively in the latest third-party research piece from IT analyst firm DCIG,” said Bruce Kornfeld, CMO and GM-Americas, StorMagic. “StorMagic’s simplicity, light hardware requirements and significant cost benefits are perfect for small datacenters and edge computing sites in many vertical markets like retail, manufacturing and professional services.”

DCIG’s latest Competitive Intelligence Report can be downloaded here.

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About StorMagic

Established in 2006, StorMagic is simplifying storage at the edge. Its virtual SAN makes edge computing simple for everyone from large organizations with thousands of sites, to companies running a single small datacenter. StorMagic offers customers that are dissatisfied with the cost and complexity of external SANs a highly available, two-server solution that is simple, cost-effective and flexible. StorMagic was founded on the concept that technology has become way too complex, and its core mission is to make the complex simple. For additional information, visit

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