SvKMS with MongoDB

Enable MongoDB database encryption with a powerful and robust enterprise KMS

Prioritize database security for data protection

As one of the leading players in the database sector, MongoDB provides organizations around the world with the architecture to organize and store huge volumes of data. At each organization, the protection of that data should be of paramount importance. For MongoDB users, this can be performed through either client-side field level encryption (FLE) or data-at-rest encryption.

Yet enabling the encryption features within MongoDB results in a requirement to centralize, manage and protect the keys necessary for encryption. MongoDB does not provide a method to do this. As such, an organization encrypting data within MongoDB must have in place a third party key management system (KMS). The KMS must support the key management interoperability protocol (KMIP), which is supported by MongoDB and used to integrate the two systems.

Leverage KMIP to integrate SvKMS with MongoDB

StorMagic SvKMS has been built to maximize the possibilities of KMIP and ensure it can integrate with as many platforms and services as possible. This includes MongoDB encrypted databases, and as such, SvKMS provides a secure, centralized key management console that enables organizations to perform full key lifecycle operations on all MongoDB encryption keys, as well as any other encryption workloads within the organization.

Integrating SvKMS with MongoDB to enable encryption key management is a straightforward process and consists of two parts. Firstly, the root CA certificate must be generated from SvKMS – this can be done either using OpenSSL or within a browser. Second, the MongoDB configuration file is updated with key management security options and the /etc/hosts file is updated.

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MongoDB Integration Guide

Ensure sensitive data held within MongoDB is secure and encrypted by integrating with StorMagic SvKMS to provide a flexible, robust enterprise-grade key management service, communicating with MongoDB via KMIP.

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More information on StorMagic SvKMS

StorMagic SvKMS encryption key management goes much further than just providing simple KMIP integration with leading encryption workloads. SvKMS enables organizations to manage all of their encryption keys, wherever they are located, within a secure, flexible management interface. Enterprise-grade features enable the management of the entire key lifecycle, from key creation to key destruction, and all at a surprisingly low cost.