Unify encryption silos with a single open standard approach

Leverage the power of KMIP and simplify your key management

SvKMS has been built around maximizing the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) open standard to enable organizations to leverage it as part of their key management operations. With SvKMS you can centrally manage, store, and consolidate encryption key management tasks across cloud, SaaS, on-premise systems, and endpoint devices like mobile and IoT. With KMIP, SvKMS can serve use cases from basic VM encryption to a complex cryptosystem.

Every application, one protocol

Unmatched flexibility to allow every encrypted application to be managed by a single KMS.

Remove the complexity

Easily setup and deploy within minutes with GUI and API based clients, and a robust REST API to integrate with any workflow.

One key management service

A cost-effective solution that can facilitate all key encryption requirements, for a fraction of the cost of a HSM.

SvKMS handles every encrypted application using one protocol: KMIP


What is KMIP?

The key management interoperability protocol (KMIP) is an open standard based method for encryption of stored data and cryptographic key management. Developed by the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) in partnership with the cyber security community, KMIP enables a single unified key management approach that supports legacy and new cryptographic-enabled applications, supporting symmetric keys, asymmetric keys, digital certificates and other shared secrets.

Supported Profiles:

  • Baseline Server TLS v1.2
  • Baseline Server KMIP 1.4 
  • Secret Data KMIP Profile
  • Basic Symmetric Key Store and Server KMIP Profile
  • Basic Symmetric Key Foundry and Server KMIP Profile

Supported Operations:

Create Get Revoke Signature Verify
Create Key Pair Get Attributes Destroy MAC
Register Get Attribute List Query MAC Verify
Re-key Add Attribute Discover Versions RNG Retrieve
Derive Key Modify Attribute Encrypt RNG Seed
Locate Delete Attribute Decrypt Hash
Check Activate Sign

Supported Objects:

Certificate Private Key Secret Data Symmetric Key
Opaque Object Public Key Split Key Template

StorMagic SvKMS Data Sheet

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