CDS Group of Companies

Ryan Anderson | Manager of IT “We had two locations requiring replication and vMotion and saw StorMagic SvSAN as a cost-effective solution that met our requirements. With the deployment of SvSAN we are able to have four servers set as two separate SvSAN clusters, located a few hundred metres apart across different buildings. As of today we’ve had zero issues, [...]

Benore Logistic Systems Inc.

Douglas Shelfoon | Executive Director of Technology “Benore’s environment has realized a tenfold increase in performance rates and experienced 100 percent uptime since installation. SvSAN just works – and works well – for the long haul.” CASE STUDY

ANA Aeroportos de Portugal

Pedro Ponte | IT Consultant “I can’t believe how easy and reliable StorMagic SvSAN truly is. The Lisbon airport now has the confidence that our airplane docking/guiding system can survive almost any type of failure, and we saved a whole bunch of money along the way.” CASE STUDY

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Bart de Goeij | Asset Management/Maintenance & Operations “During system testing and automatic reboots, SvSAN recovers and starts synchronizing immediately, and in just 20 minutes, everything is fully fault tolerant again with no manual intervention. We’ve experienced 100% system uptime for six years and counting. We’re saving time, energy and costs with SvSAN.” CASE STUDY

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