SvSAN: Cuando La Hiperconvergencia Se Vuelve Fácil

StorMagic los invita a aprender más sobre nuestra solución SvSAN de hiperconvergencia. StorMagic SvSAN es una solución SAN virtual que ofrece computación y almacenamiento de alta disponibilidad en solo dos nodos por clúster hiperconvergente. Es una solución de software ligera, de bajo costo y altamente flexible perfecta para sitios de Edge, para grandes organizaciones con cientos de ubicaciones a compañías [...]

StorMagic SvSAN: Modern, Virtualized Storage for Banks and Financial Organizations

Banks and financial services organizations are faced with unique challenges when it comes to IT solutions and managing data. In regard to data storage in particular, financial institutions are often plagued with expensive and outdated architecture, slow speeds, and disruptive downtime. As these organizations begin researching ways to upgrade and modernize their IT, they are often making the move over [...]

The Evolution of Software-Defined Storage and the Virtual SAN

Hyperconvergence and software-defined-storage (SDS) have come a long way in recent times and branched into areas that were thought impossible, just a few years ago. IT has always been about eliminating single points of failure. Roll back to the 90s and early 00s when companies ran their applications and services on bare-metal servers; the idea was to have more than [...]

Virtualized Storage – A Beginner’s Guide

Virtualized storage, or storage virtualization, is a technological concept developed within the past few decades. It enables organizations to remove the traditional boundaries of physical storage devices, by abstracting the disks and drives, and presenting them as a single, centralized pool of storage capacity.

Virtual SAN – A Beginner’s Guide

A virtual storage area network (SAN) is a software-based component that provides a virtualized ‘pool’ of storage to multiple virtual machines (VMs) and applications. In order to achieve this, data is passed (shared) between servers over a network using a protocol such as iSCSI or fibre channel.

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