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In a competitive and ever-evolving air transportation industry, investment in IT infrastructure is mission critical. Travellers demand a great deal from their airport experience, and airlines and vendors require uninterrupted services to operate successfully. Meeting these demands will attract more businesses and customers to your airport, increasing the potential for sustained revenue growth.


When investing in airport infrastructure, many factors need to be considered, including:

  • High availability – Downtime is not only disastrous for airport operations – it also has direct financial repercussions. Failure to hit specific uptime SLAs can result in heavy fines and penalties.
  • Simplicity – Solutions need to be lightweight, easily deployed and centrally managed. This increases efficiency and allows you to manage costs.
  • Scalability – Solutions should scale out without incurring massive costs. Updates and upgrades need to be seamless.

SvSAN – Operating in Over 300 Airports Globally

StorMagic SvSAN is an industry-leading solution, maintaining high availability for a broad range of functions, including: managed global communications, infrastructure, services for airline commercial management, passenger operations, flight operations, aircraft operations, air-to-ground communications, airport management and operations, baggage operations, transportation security and border management, cargo operations and more.


Deploying SvSAN for airport infrastructure has:

  • Eliminated both planned and unplanned downtime by ensuring full redundancy
  • Delivered cost savings against competitive solutions, through simplicity and flexibility
  • Allowed for updates and upgrades to be performed during operational hours, with no service interruption
  • Delivered efficient centralized management systems
  • Provided energy efficient solutions – lightweight footprint means less power and cooling required

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