Close the performance gap with Predictive Storage Caching

Published On: 13th October 2017//1.4 min read//

New white paper – available to download now!

In the spirit of our October theme, we’re proud to announce the release of a brand new Predictive Storage Caching-related white paper: “Closing the Performance Gap – SvSAN Caching”. This white paper is the perfect introduction for those wanting to learn about the practical applications of Predictive Storage Caching, and how SvSAN’s caching capabilities are closing the significant gap between processor power and storage performance.

As processor power has blossomed in recent years, storage performance has struggled to keep up. This has led to a noticeable performance gap between storage and CPU. More recently, as server virtualization has grown in popularity even greater demands have been placed on the already-flagging storage.

Since the emergence of the gap, various attempts have been made to solve the problem – often to little or no avail. That’s where Predictive Storage Caching comes in: striking the perfect balance between performance and price, while offering a hybrid solution that plays to the strengths of both memory and SSD storage. Predictive Storage Caching uses intelligent patent-pending algorithms and cutting-edge approaches to caching in order to deliver a range of benefits and advantages over alternatives.

To deep dive into how SvSAN’s Predictive Storage Caching is closing the performance gap, look no further than our brand new white paper – available to download by clicking here. If you’re ready to get started today, why not download a free SvSAN trial?

Keep an eye out throughout October for more Predictive Storage Caching deep dives, and don’t forget to check out our on-demand webinar recording: “A New Alternative to All-Flash Arrays: Predictive Storage Caching”!

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