Making the Complex Simple

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When StorMagic first entered the scene, if you wanted shareable storage then you needed to invest in expensive, complex external SANs or NAS technology, and pay staff that could manage it. This is why the very ethos of StorMagic is about making the complex simple, and making shared storage accessible to more organizations.

From the very beginning, StorMagic has eliminated the need for external storage in a virtual server environment, created a management interface that includes as much automation as possible to eliminate mundane admin tasks, and engineering SvSAN to work as an incredibly thin stack, making it more flexible and easier to fit within the user’s hardware. In a nutshell, StorMagic takes complex storage systems and makes them easy to deploy and manage.

Why is this important?

StorMagic is focused on simplifying storage for the edge. The edge requires highly available storage, packaged into something lightweight, that is easy to manage remotely. SvSAN brings datacenter technology to the edge, without the associated complexity (or high costs).

Equally, SvSAN is designed to prevent over-provisioning. The days of buying an appliance with extra processors, memory or storage are gone. Not only does this save end users money, but it means that they have less hardware and therefore less to manage, less to run and less to refresh- as compared to solutions that were designed for the datacenter.

If you want to find out more about getting high performance shared storage at the edge, for a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions, then check out the SvSAN overview. Equally, talk to the team about tailoring a solution to your edge site at [email protected]. We promise, we’ll make the complex simple for you and your organization.

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