StorMagic ‘How-To’ Series: SvSAN and vSphere

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The StorMagic “How-To” series is a collection of instructional videos created by our Technical Services team to help train our customers and partners on setting up, configuring, and managing our software products.

The first set of videos from this series cover SvSAN, our virtual SAN product. Our last blog provided an overview of the first two videos in the series, which included step-by-step instructions on deploying the StorMagic SvSAN witness within different environments. Click here to access our previous blog, to learn how to install the witness on a Windows server and deploy the witness appliance (packaged VM).

Continuing the conversation, the next two videos in our “How-To” series are about utilizing SvSAN with VMware vSphere server virtualization software. StorMagic SvSAN is compatible and certified for use with vSphere, and together they enable users to leverage advanced hypervisor features such as high availability, vMotion and the distributed resource scheduler. Learn more about our partnership here and for specific compatibility information, refer to our SvSAN Data Sheet.

Video #3: How to Restore an SvSAN VSA Using the vSphere Plugin

In this video, StorMagic Technical Pre-Sales Engineer, Steve Bettison, provides a demonstration of how to restore an SvSAN virtual storage appliance (VSA) in the event of a complete host failure. He discusses the following:

  1. Why to restore a VSA
  2. Restoring the VSA via the vSphere plugin
  3. Confirming that targets have synchronized


In the next video, Steve explains how to create VMFS datastores and targets within the SvSAN VSA, using the VMware vSphere plugin. He delivers instructions on:

  1. Creating a target in the VSA
  2. Mounting the iSCSI target in VMware
  3. Creating a VMFS datastore via the vSphere plugin



Stay tuned for additional blogs from our ‘How-To’ training series. Future videos are in the works for SvKMS, our encryption key manager, and ARQvault, our digital asset management solution.

You can access the entire series of SvSAN ‘How-To’ videos on our YouTube playlist. To learn more about our partnership and joint solutions with VMware, visit our website.

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