StorMagic SvSAN Compatibility with VMware vSphere 7.0

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Many of today’s organizations are modernizing their traditional IT infrastructure, in an effort to save money, improve performance, and reduce downtime. They are taking steps to virtualize their environments by replacing their clunky, physical IT equipment, with virtualized systems that enable the hyperconvergence of compute, networking, and storage resources.

Storage virtualization enables the pooling of physical storage from multiple storage devices into a single virtual storage device managed from a central console. A joint StorMagic and VMware virtual shared storage solution delivers simplicity and flexibility, at a low cost. StorMagic’s software-defined storage solution, SvSAN, has been tested extensively and is fully compatible with VMware vSphere virtualization products.

Back in April, VMware released the latest edition of vSphere – version 7.0. StorMagic’s most recent update to SvSAN (version 6.2 Update 2 Patch 2) included testing on vSphere 7.0, and we are excited to announce that SvSAN is now compatible with the latest version of the VMware hypervisor. We value our partnership with VMware and are grateful to continue working together as our products evolve, to bring our customers the greatest, most cutting-edge solutions on the market.

When combined, SvSAN and vSphere 7.0 allow customers to benefit from several features such as:

  • vSphere High-Availability – allows virtual machines to be restarted on other available servers
  • VMware vMotion – enables live migration for powered-on virtual machines
  • Distributed Resource Scheduler – divides and balances computing capacity for virtual machines dynamically across collections of hardware resources
  • vCenter Plug-In – integrate SvSAN with the vCenter management console with our dedicated HTML5 plugin for effortless upgrades and administration

To learn more about virtual shared storage with SvSAN and vSphere, visit our VMware partner page on our website. Information is also available about SvSAN within the VMware Solution Exchange (VSX) on the dedicated StorMagic page. This contains a range of useful resources to help you learn more about the solution.

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