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Business Challenge

Guthrie County State Bank (GCSB) is a locally owned and independent bank. After deploying VMware hosts and virtualizing their servers, they found they were struggling with various backup procedures and wanted to make them more simple and cost effective. The next step was to identify a suitable disaster recovery and business continuity plan.


Initially GCSB looked at tape drives but found them too expensive and unreliable. They felt that the only way to go was to install a SAN system for shared storage that would allow redundancy and mobility of the virtual servers. Having reviewed both hardware and software solutions, GCSB decided on StorMagic SvSAN.

Following a period of rigorous testing, Steve Brubaker, IT Manager at GCSB explains, “We asked a lot in the testing phase. The biggest benefits to me over a hardware solution are not being tied into a set hardware package and the ease of updating and expanding as we need. Not to mention the cost difference. When looking at simplicity and dependability for the money, StorMagic was the only choice”.

Why StorMagic

SvSAN is more cost effective than a hardware solution and it doesn’t tie GCSB into a set hardware package, enabling them to update and expand as necessary.

SvSAN is integrated into VMware vCenter making it simple and easy to use and deploy.

SvSAN enables GCSB’s business continuity plan by providing continuous access to their online applications with just a 2-server solution.

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