For the greatest flexibility and lowest cost consider building your own hyperconverged system. Combining compute, storage and networking into one convenient package is an effective way to reduce your IT footprint and dramatically lower costs. A virtual storage appliance is the key enabler to achieving this by delivering highly-available shared storage as the core component of a cost-effective hyperconverged system.

Many IT teams have the resources and skills in-house or through their trusted partners to architect and build the systems needed today, with the ability to grow with your needs in the future. With SvSAN, we enable IT departments to build the lowest-cost, highly-available hyperconverged system using your preferred server, disk drive and networking components.

Leverage any industry standard server and any configuration

One of the key benefits of SvSAN is that virtually any combination of server, networking and storage components are supported. You can purchase any new x86 class server or even re-purpose an existing one collecting dust on a shelf. As long as the server can recognize the storage or network adapter – so can SvSAN. We support any type of spinning disk (SATA, FC, SAS), solid-state disk (SSD), memory and network connection. Furthermore, SvSAN supports three different hypervisors – vSphere, Hyper-V and Linux KVM.

Build to your exact requirements and avoid over-provisioning

In many cases, deploying an off-the-shelf appliance solution has either too much processing power or storage for your environment and can be a waste of budget dollars. When adding more of these overprovisioned appliances as your needs grow, the problem gets even worse. With StorMagic we can help you accurately understand the performance and capacity you need and configure systems appropriately. This saves money now and in the future as your needs change.

White Paper: Build Your Own vs. Appliance – A Comparison of HCI Deployment

The choice of whether to build your own HCI with off-the-shelf hardware and an independent software platform, or use pre-configured appliances from one vendor can be difficult. This white paper examines six dynamics for you to consider when choosing between pre-configured appliances or the build your own approach. Complete the form to read the white paper.

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Start at $5,000 or even less with repurposed hardware

Take advantage of the ever-decreasing price, improving performance and increasing capacity of industry-standard servers – you can even repurpose existing ones. Protect prior investments in single-server installations by adding additional servers of any brand and enabling advanced server virtualization features without a physical SAN. SvSAN can be deployed between two different server types and provide the automated failover required for mission-critical applications. SvSAN’s low-cost licensing fees make building and deploying your own hyperconverged solution an excellent way to stretch your IT budget and deliver the uptime your organization needs.

Example 1 – Retailer maintains converged infrastructure while changing server suppliers

A retailer with converged infrastructure made a strategic decision to change server suppliers, but budget constraints did not allow for replacement of all servers simultaneously. The company leveraged a prior investment in StorMagic SvSAN to maintain convergence and deliver storage in a mixed-server environment.

Example 2 – Transportation services company leverages Cisco UCS Mini investment

A transportation services company installed StorMagic SvSAN and leveraged prior investments in UCS servers and VMware ESXi to create highly-available converged infrastructure. SvSAN enabled the company to avoid investments in external arrays and to fully leverage the internal storage of the UCS servers.

More Case Studies

What StorMagic SvSAN delivers

SvSAN enables hyperconverged, highly-available, high-performance compute and storage infrastructure on industry standard servers. StorMagic’s virtual SAN converts internal disk, flash and memory of two or more servers into a robust, shared-storage appliance, thereby removing the need for a separate external storage array. By converging compute and storage into a single, robust hardware-agnostic platform, organizations can significantly drive down costs, simplify IT infrastructure and improve IT management.


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