MeDirect Bank

Julian Vella | Senior Engineer – IT Systems “StorMagic SvSAN helps our branches achieve the availability required to operate in the extremely secure, fast-paced world of banking. Their virtual SAN software is exactly what we needed to deliver the uptime and simplicity of management – while keeping to a very tight budget.” CASE STUDY

Guthrie County State Bank

Steve Brubaker | IT Manager “It met the requirements of being simple and cost effective, was easy to deploy, allowed for the usage of existing or off the shelf hardware, and proved to be very stable.” CASE STUDY

First Enterprise Bank

Chris Hood | IT Director “The StorMagic solution was 87% less expensive than VMware’s – we spent less on the software and we were able to repurpose four existing servers instead of buying six new ones that vSAN required.” CASE STUDY

CreditPlus Bank

Torsten Kurz | CISO and Head of Team IT-Infrastructure and Systems “StorMagic’s SvSAN was the product which met all of our requirements in terms of functionality, performance, reliability and cost effectiveness. Migration to SvSAN for the entire production system was realized within 2 weeks without a second of downtime.” CASE STUDY

StorMagic SvSAN: Modern, Virtualized Storage for Banks and Financial Organizations

Banks and financial services organizations are faced with unique challenges when it comes to IT solutions and managing data. In regard to data storage in particular, financial institutions are often plagued with expensive and outdated architecture, slow speeds, and disruptive downtime. As these organizations begin researching ways to upgrade and modernize their IT, they are often making the move over [...]

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