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Business Challenge

CreditPlus Bank AG was founded in 1960, operates as a specialized consumer credit bank and is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. A subsidiary of the French banking group Credit Agricole, which with 51 million customers is one of the largest banks in Europe, CreditPlus employs over 600 people.

Their physical SAN would soon require additional disk capacity in order to stay ahead of their rapid growth in storage requirements. This expansion would require the SAN to be taken offline for a period of time. As downtime was not an option for CreditPlus, it was imperative that an interim solution be found.


Following a trial installation of StorMagic’s SvSAN at one of the bank’s local branches, CreditPlus felt that SvSAN could be the interim solution they were looking for and decided to execute a proof of concept in a heavy I/O environment. During the proof of concept CreditPlus conducted extensive testing of data integrity and high availability in the event of system failures under these heavy I/O loads.

CreditPlus began calculating costs and comparing functionality against other solutions and came to the conclusion that StorMagic was the only choice.

Why StorMagic

Once SvSAN was active in the production environment, CreditPlus observed a substantial difference in performance when compared to their physical SAN, achieving a minimum increase in I/Os of 25%.

CreditPlus recognized that as an interim solution SvSAN was outperforming their physical SAN on all their applications and, as a result, CreditPlus concluded that SvSAN would remain as a permanent solution.

Technical Configuration

Server Configuration
SvSAN License SvSAN Unlimited TB Gold
CPU 1 socket, 4 cores per CPU
Memory 32GB
Disks 48
Virtual Machines 600 across 4 SvSAN production clusters

Majority are Linux Debien and SuSE

Windows Server 2012

Citrix for thin client

Applications and IT Services Oracle and Postgres databases

Email & back-office applications

Web services

Email – Lotus Notes on a separate all SSD SvSAN cluster ~500-600 mailboxes

Tomcat + Apache for frontend web servers

Bespoke in-house developed financial applications – most use a backend Oracle database

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