Milwaukee Water Works

George Knops | Network Administrator “It’s fast and easy to get up and running, extremely reliable and by far the easiest product I’ve dealt with. In minutes we were able to present datastores to our environment. Working with the technical support was nothing short of awesome.” CASE STUDY

RWE Renewables

Uwe Fischer | Head of Asset Information Systems “StorMagic’s SvSAN enables us to cost effectively implement simple, 2-server highly available systems with minimal hardware requirements. With VMware and SvSAN at each location, we dramatically reduce the risk of downtime for energy-production applications and eliminate the need for on-site support. High availability is essential for us to maintain continuity of operations [...]

Milwaukee gets business continuity without the cost of a SAN

As the need for a high availability infrastructure grew, network administrator, George Knops, was not only tasked with finding the right technology, but also one that avoided the purchase of multiple SANs to accommodate a failover situation. “We were faced with the challenge of needing 2 data centers that mirrored one another, so that...

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