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Business Challenge

E.ON Climate & Renewables (EC&R) division is responsible for the global renewable activities of E.ON Group, the world’s largest private investor-owned power and gas company. They are active in generating energy from onshore and offshore wind, biomass, photovoltaic and concentrated solar power. As such, EC&R IT is tasked with delivering high availability to over 100 remote, renewable energy facilities across Europe, such as unmanned wind farms out at sea and biomass plants and solar farms in very remote rural areas. This task was being made more challenging by high storage acquisition and management costs, complex solutions and a lack of flexibility.

Their objectives for a solution were that it should be:

  • Cost-effective
  • Able to be leveraged from their central office
  • Highly available – should not incur significant downtime issues
  • Simple – deployment and management at each facility should be a simple task
  • Able to meet performance requirements – to manage the workload of energy production applications.


EC&R considered physical SAN solutions which would enable their VMware high availability but the solution would become a single point of failure in each facility’s infrastructure. Given the remote and difficult to access locations, this could take up to six days to fix. EC&R found StorMagic’s SvSAN solution was the only solution which met all of these requirements.

“High availability is essential for us to maintain continuity of operations at our remote sites”, explains EC&R Head of Information Systems, Uwe Fischer. “However the extreme location challenges we face mean that physical shared storage solutions are prohibitively expensive for us to implement”.

Why StorMagic

Following the successful implementation of SvSAN:

  • EC&R achieved VMware high availability at a fraction of the acquisition and management cost.
  • SvSAN’s user-friendly design and vCenter integration enabled EC&R to deploy and manage shared storage at each location quickly and easily from their central office.
  • EC&R cost-effectively implemented the 2-server high availability solution, and with VMware and SvSAN at each facility, they dramatically reduced the risk of downtime for energy production applications, and the need for on-site support.

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