Preparing for when things go wrong

It’s important to understand, and prepare for, scenarios where a fault occurs or things go wrong. This is particularly true for SvSAN to avoid downtime which could impact critical applications and data. You can begin to understand how to mitigate and avoid failure scenarios with your free trial of SvSAN and this video guide.

The previous video installment supporting the SvSAN free trial covered deployment and management. You can access it here.

In this session we delve into redundancy and failover so you can see how to use SvSAN in these scenarios.

  1. What happens when something goes wrong?
  2. What failures are you protected against with SvSAN?
  3. How can you test your system to be sure you’re protected?

Don’t forget – if you need more time to test and evaluate SvSAN, you can extend your 10 day free trial by a further 30 days by completing the form at this link.

Enjoy the video and remember, throughout the trial you have full access to our dedicated Support Team when you need it. Simply call us on (US) +1 800 517 5282/(UK) +44 (0)117 952 7390, or email [email protected]