A library of answers and information

There is a wealth of SvSAN documentation available online, detailed across the links below. Whether you’re looking to get a quick impression of the technical requirements of SvSAN, or dive deeper into the solution’s deployment guide, there’s a resource here for you to use.

There’s always the option of contacting us directly if you need answers fast. Head over to the Contact page where you can utilize the web form, and find our telephone numbers and email addresses.

SvSAN Manual

The comprehensive full-length guide

The SvSAN Manual is the comprehensive document for understanding how SvSAN is deployed and managed and features a complete deployment guide. There are multiple versions of the manual available to read, depending on your version of SvSAN. All supported versions of SvSAN have a corresponding manual available, with Japanese language versions too.


SvSAN Data Sheet

High-level stats and facts

The SvSAN data sheet provides a high-level overview of the SvSAN solution, including a list of features, technical requirements, compatibility tables and details of maintenance and support coverage. It is perfect as a quick read and offers up answers to many of the more common questions about SvSAN and its capabilities.

Further to the SvSAN data sheet, a number of similar documents relating to SvSAN’s compatibility with other solutions can be accessed from the main Data Sheets page.


SvSAN White Paper

Detailed technical analysis and deployment options

This particular white paper has been written to provide a complete picture of SvSAN’s capabilities and deployment options. Learn about the ways in which SvSAN’s highly available solution can be leveraged depending on your environment and use case – over one or more sites, and as a hyperconverged deployment or as a storage-only server SAN.

Among the many other white papers available on the StorMagic website are specific documents relating to SvSAN’s individual features, including:



Common questions directly answered

The SvSAN FAQ is a collection of the most common questions we have encountered about SvSAN. If you have a question about the solution then it’s likely the answer will be in this list. Search through the list, organized by topic, and if you cannot find your answer, please contact us for a swift response.


SvSAN Support Portal

For detailed, in-depth customer help

For SvSAN customers, an additional resource is available within the StorMagic Support Portal. The technical notes and knowledgebase articles within the portal provide further guidance and assistance when deploying, operating and upgrading SvSAN. Simply enter your support portal login credentials on the Support Portal and start digesting information.