Top Tips: Building a Highly Available Two Node Configuration

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StorMagic SvSAN has been designed to provide organizations with the capability to architect IT systems that are resilient, have adequate redundancy and are highly available. Downtime can be incredibly detrimental to the productivity of an organization, with most companies being completely reliant on IT for everyday operations.

By bringing datacenter technology to small/remote/branch sites, SvSAN can create highly available virtual storage for retail stores, manufacturing sites, and remote power stations and satellite offices.

It can be tricky to design a system that incorporates the levels of resiliency and redundancy, from end to end, that you need to ensure that your organization keeps running like clockwork, so we’ve created a short video outlining best practices for deploying a highly available SvSAN configuration.

SvSAN is the simple, cost effective virtual SAN that can eliminate unplanned downtime, keep your organization running smoothly, and make sure you’re getting the most from your virtual environment. Find out more about best practices for configuring a highly available system here or check out our simple infographic here.

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