Encrypting in MongoDB? You’ll Need a Third Party Key Manager

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Database security is a vital component of an overall data protection strategy, especially for organizations that manage and store highly sensitive data, such as financial information or health records. MongoDB is a non-relational, or noSQL database that has quickly become one of the world’s biggest database players, competing with large incumbent companies like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. noSQL databases are most commonly used to organize and store large amounts of complex and disparate data, such as cloud applications and Big Data.

In order to protect sensitive data stored in their databases, MongoDB provides both client-side field level encryption (FLE) and regular data-at-rest encryption. FLE allows users to encrypt document fields individually, with the option to have a unique key for each field. Both methods of encryption use the cipher algorithm AES 256.

In order to manage and protect the keys delivered through MongoDB’s encryption options, an organization must deploy an enterprise encryption key management system (KMS). MongoDB does not provide an enterprise KMS, so users must purchase a third party KMS that supports the key management interoperability protocol (KMIP). MongoDB Enterprise Edition supports KMIP.

StorMagic SvKMS is a powerful and robust enterprise encryption key manager that supports KMIP and can be easily integrated with MongoDB encryption to provide vital protection of database data. SvKMS simplifies the encryption process by making it easy to enable encryption in KMIP-supported applications like MongoDB. SvKMS is also  flexible enough to encompass many different use cases and deployment environments, from local datacenters to multi-cloud environments.

For more information on how SvKMS integrates with MongoDB solutions, visit our MongoDB integration page and access our comprehensive integration guide.

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