StorMagic ‘How-To’ Series: Upgrading an SvKMS 3-Node Cluster

Welcome back to the StorMagic ‘How-To’ video series! This series has been produced for our customers and partners, and is designed to demonstrate how to perform different actions in the setup and configuration of our software products: SvSAN, SvKMS, and ARQvault. It is led by our Pre-Sales Support team. The past several videos in this series have covered different tutorials [...]

It’s a Forever Data World. Companies Need a Forever Data Strategy.

There is an explosion of data being created by organizations at the edge. Not only do these businesses have dozens to thousands of sites that are contributing to their data growth, but they are also collecting data from a variety of sources (i.e. IoT, video, employees, processes). This data must be managed in a unique way, as edge locations often [...]

A Super Simple, Robust, Edge Solution: Hivecell Edge-as-a-Service with StorMagic SvSAN

Earlier this year, Hivecell and StorMagic debuted a new solution, designed to deliver edge computing on an enterprise-scale: Edge-as-a-Service. This unique offering combines Hivecell HCI and StorMagic SvSAN, bringing highly available computing and storage to the edge, as a subscription service. Edge-as-a-Service is intended to address common challenges faced by edge computing environments, including deploying and overseeing hundreds to thousands [...]

StorMagic ‘How-To’ Series: Configuring SvSAN with SvKMS Encryption Key Management

StorMagic Technical Pre-Sales Engineer, Steve Bettison, recently produced a new series of training videos for our customers and partners. Within this series, Steve demonstrates how to perform certain actions in the setup, configuration, and general operation of our software products -- SvSAN, SvKMS, and ARQvault. The first set of videos in this ‘How-To’ series cover training demonstrations for SvSAN, our [...]

Do Your Part, #BeCyberSmart: StorMagic Celebrates Cybersecurity Awareness Month 

Over the past several decades, the world has become increasingly dependent on technology. The advent of technology has brought with it several advantages, including increased accessibility to information, innovation across many different fields, time and cost efficiencies, and better communication. However, it has also opened up the door to some serious problems -- one of the most common being cyber [...]

Infographic: Giant Eagle with StorMagic SvSAN and SvKMS

Keeping a retail organization’s instore applications online is critical to ensure shops remain open, but it is even more paramount for pharmacy systems and patient data. Giant Eagle, one of the United States’ largest food retailers needed a solution to eliminate downtime and keep their instore pharmacies operational and their data secure. The infographic below details how Giant Eagle turned [...]

Infographic: StorMagic’s 15th Birthday

In 2021, StorMagic celebrates its 15th birthday. In the infographic below we’ve pulled together 15 interesting facts and stats from across our history so far. You can read about them too in our 15th birthday blog. We’d also love to hear your own stories and memories of working with StorMagic – you can share them by contacting us. Happy birthday [...]

Next Generation Encryption: ARIA, StorMagic and HPE

A joint webinar with ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions and HPE Traditional hardware security modules (HSMs) present several different challenges for organizations looking to secure their data through encryption. They’re often large, bulky, expensive, and can be difficult to upgrade, configure and scale. ARIA microHSM, with built-in StorMagic SvKMS, is the industry’s smallest general purpose HSM. It provides [...]

An Introduction to Trusted Computing: What It Is and How StorMagic Is Utilizing It with SvKMS

What is Trusted Computing? Trusted Computing is a broad term that refers to technologies and proposals that aims to make computing more secure through hardware enhancements and associated software modifications. It can be broken down into four different categories: Memory Curtaining: Provides full isolation of sensitive areas of memories, and keeps memory from being read or written to inappropriately. This [...]

StorMagic SvKMS Data Sheet

Encryption key management that adapts to any environment: SvKMS Data Sheet StorMagic SvKMS is an encryption key management solution that can be deployed in any environment. It simplifies complex security and key management infrastructure by providing centralized management and, illustrated below, the ability to deploy a KMS to wherever it is needed. This makes it perfect not only for [...]

StorMagic Expands Partnership with Nutanix, Introducing New Product Validations with SvKMS

StorMagic has joined the Nutanix Elevate Technology Alliance Partner Program, and our encryption key management solution, SvKMS, has been validated with Nutanix data encryption and their AHV hypervisor. What Does This Mean? SvKMS has been named a Nutanix Ready validated solution, for customers looking to implement a third party key manager with Nutanix built-in encryption, or that want to operate [...]

StorMagic Expands VMware Ready Partnership with SvKMS Certification and Marketplace Listing

Under its vSphere 6.5 release, VMware enabled the ability to encrypt VMs for data-at-rest encryption, a tried-and-true data security approach. This capability has continued through vSphere versions 6.7 and 7.0, and is now available for vSAN encryption. While VMware has made turning on encryption easy, customers require a third-party key management server (KMS) that supports the key management interoperability protocol [...]

StorMagic Proudly Claims Gold in the 2021 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

We are excited to announce that StorMagic was selected as a gold winner in two different categories of the 2021 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. StorMagic KMaaS was awarded gold in the “Cybersecurity Product / Service Awards -- Data Security” category, and SvKMS in the “Cybersecurity Industry Solutions Awards -- Manufacturing” category.Each year, Cybersecurity Insiders hosts its Cybersecurity Excellence Awards program, recognizing [...]

Commvault Certifies StorMagic SvKMS as a Third-Party Encryption Key Management Solution

We are excited to announce that SvKMS is now officially certified as a third-party encryption key management solution for Commvault encrypted backups. Commvault is a data management company that specializes in backup and recovery, cloud and infrastructure management, retention, and compliance. Nowadays, there is an increased need to protect data that exists in disparate environments -- from the edge, datacenter [...]

A Modern HSM Built for Today’s Encryption Needs

A joint webinar with ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions Legacy hardware security modules (HSM) appliances aren't well-suited to meet today's organization encryption needs. Deployed as a stand-alone, "black-box" appliance attached to the network is costly in both equipment and power consumption. Also, these appliances cause variable roundtrip latency that can potentially impact application performance, response times, and business processes. Maybe more [...]

StorMagic Expands OEM Agreement with ARIA Cybersecurity to Deliver the Industry’s Smallest General-Purpose HSM

StorMagic has expanded our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement with ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions, a business of CSPi. ARIA Cybersecurity is now able to embed StorMagic SvKMS enterprise key management software to deliver their ARIA microHSM product through channel partners worldwide. Through this expanded partnership, ARIA Cybersecurity is now delivering the industry’s smallest general purpose hardware security module (HSM) -- ARIA [...]

Is There Still a Place for HSMs in Modern Data Protection?

Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) have been the standard for encryption for the last 20 years. But with the emergence of computing that spans on-prem, cloud and edge environments, there has been a shift away from physical, on-premises HSMs to software-based key management systems. With that said, are HSMs still relevant? Is an HSM best for an organization’s current data protection [...]

High Availability’s Role in Protecting Data and Improving Performance

High availability (HA) is vital to protecting sensitive data, and an important part of key management. Key management is central to data encryption – encryption keys are like the keys to your house, and act to protect your valuables (the encrypted data). But, much like standard house keys, key management has a number of potential difficulties that can affect the [...]

Implementing IT Systems within Pharmacies: Challenges, Requirements, and More

Everyone has made a trip to the pharmacy at some point in their lives. But have you ever stopped to think about the technologies pharmacies utilize and how much data they’re generating, sharing, and storing on a daily basis? There are many steps that go into the process of getting the right medication into the hands of the right patient, [...]

6 Technology Trends That Improve Data Security for any Cloud

Enterprises are moving more data to the cloud and running more applications in the cloud. But is your security framework flexible enough to protect any environment confidently? New developments from Cloud Providers offer enhanced security for any cloud environment– from private, public and hybrid clouds to multiclouds and edge-to-cloud. But how can organizations extend platinum-level data security beyond public clouds [...]

Infographic: New Integrations Available With SvKMS 2.5

With the launch of the latest version of StorMagic SvKMS, this SvKMS 2.5 infographic accompanies the release with all of the key information on what's new. SvKMS 2.5 introduces a number of new integrations, allowing organizations even greater security of their cloud applications and data. Google Cloud EKM, Azure Key Vault Managed HSM, Salesforce Shield and BitLocker can all now [...]

SvKMS 2.5: Latest Update Delivers Extended Support for Encryption Integrations

We are excited to announce that a new version of SvKMS, StorMagic’s enterprise encryption key management solution, is now available -- SvKMS 2.5. SvKMS 2.5 encompasses several expanded encryption integrations for on-prem, IaaS, and SaaS applications. This latest update provides new support for the Google Cloud External Key Management (EKM) Program, Azure Key Vault Managed HSM BYOK, Salesforce Shield, and [...]

Encrypting in MongoDB? You’ll Need a Third Party Key Manager

Database security is a vital component of an overall data protection strategy, especially for organizations that manage and store highly sensitive data, such as financial information or health records. MongoDB is a non-relational, or noSQL database that has quickly become one of the world's biggest database players, competing with large incumbent companies like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. noSQL databases are [...]