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Introducing: The New SvSAN Cluster Aware Upgrade Feature

Experienced administrators know that IT upgrades can be tricky, and that cluster upgrades specifically can be intimidating and even dangerous. We know a little bit about cluster upgrades, having done our fair share both in the lab and with customers. That being said, we still tend to say a prayer, cross our fingers, and hope for the best. However, those days are now behind us as we introduce Cluster Aware Upgrades to our powerful SvSAN 6.2 Update 2 software.

StorMagic Cluster Aware Upgrades simplify the administrator’s experience for upgrading multiple VSAs. They allow one or more SvSAN VSAs to be updated simultaneously, ensuring that the storage remains online during the upgrade process.

Never Miss an Upgrade with User Notifications

We all have busy schedules and lengthy to-do lists to tackle. That’s why we’ve made it easy for over-tasked administrators to enable notifications from StorMagic, to alert them when there is a new version of the VSA firmware available for download within the StorMagic Support Portal. One less thing to remember!

Simple, Step-By-Step Implementation

Keeping with our “making the complex simple” theme, we’ve made the VSA upgrade process super easy to implement. Through a set of wizards, we walk you through the process of defining which firmware to upgrade, setting the date and time for the upgrade to start, and assigning how many / which clusters you want to upgrade.

Intelligent Upgrades through Automation

Behind the scenes, we’ve automated many of the tasks you used to do manually. We stage the firmware, check the health of the SvSAN cluster before proceeding with the upgrade, and then upgrade just one VSA in a cluster at a time to ensure the storage remains online and accessible.

Track Your Updates with Real-Time Status Reports

Did you walk away for that much-needed cup of coffee because you were performing an application upgrade at one in the morning? Or were you called into an urgent meeting or to address an issue? No worries! During the execution of the update, it’s possible to view a report that shows the state of VSA upgrades, including the number of pending (queued), successful, failed, or running updates.Once the job has completed, the report can be downloaded as a text file for further processing and to maintain a record of the upgrades.

Ah, to love cluster upgrades.

StorMagic SvSAN – A Virtual SAN Made Simple

StorMagic SvSAN delivers unique, game-changing features to meet the needs of organizations managing one to thousands of locations. Interested in learning more? Visit our SvSAN Features page to discover exactly what you get by choosing SvSAN.

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