StorMagic Introduces SvKMS Editions, Enabling Customers to Purchase Right-Priced Encryption Key Management

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StorMagic understands that each organization has different needs when it comes to encryption key management, which is why we’ve introduced three new tiers for our SvKMS solution, as well as a new pricing model.

We’ve also released a new update to SvKMS — version 2.6. This latest edition of SvKMS includes new integrations and an updated user interface.

Introducing, SvKMS Editions

Every use case is unique, and StorMagic recognizes that some customers have limited budgets or don’t necessarily need the advanced key management functionality available through our fully equipped version of SvKMS. For these reasons, we developed a new, tiered approach to the solution — SvKMS Editions.

The three tiers of encryption key management available through SvKMS Editions are:

  • SvKMS Essentials Edition: SvKMS Essentials is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for IT and security administrators at smaller companies who want to take advantage of built-in encryption for a limited number of use cases or those who require only a few keys. Essentials is hosted in the StorMagic Cloud as StorMagic KMaaS.
  • SvKMS Professional Edition: This edition is ideal for IT and security administrators who need a key manager for a limited number of encryption use cases today, which might expand as time goes on. This option was built to grow with the organization as needs change, and can be run on premises or in the cloud through StorMagic KMaaS.
  • SvKMS Enterprise Edition: Designed for security professionals at medium-to-large organizations that have multiple encryption use cases and require a significant number of keys. It can run on premises or in the cloud through StorMagic KMaaS.

By breaking SvKMS down into three different tiers, we enable our customers to procure the number of features and keys they need today, with the option to upgrade as they grow over time. Visit our website for additional information about the pricing structure for SvKMS Essentials, Professional, and Enterprise.

StorMagic SvKMS, Version 2.6

The latest version of SvKMS introduces several new integrations, including:

  • Commvault: Commvault’s support of KMIP enabled StorMagic to integrate SvKMS with their solution. SvKMS has now been certified as a third party KMS for Commvault Commserve data-at-rest encryption.
  • nCipher: SvKMS 2.6 provides “HSM Extension” functionality for the nCipher 6000+ general purpose HSM. The HSM extension allows users to add an extra level of protection to keys that reside in SvKMS by allowing those keys to be “wrapped” by the HSM.
  • Informix: IBM Informix supports third party key managers through KMIP. This allowed SvKMS to be integrated with Informix — a fast and scalable database server. Informix supports storage space encryption and is a great option for IoT.

In addition to these new integrations, SvKMS version 2.6 also includes an enhanced user interface that creates a step-by-step, wizard-like experience when customers login to get setup for the first time.

Interested in learning more about StorMagic SvKMS? Download a copy of our data sheet for a comprehensive overview of the solution’s features, benefits, capabilities, and more. You can also sign up for a free trial of SvKMS here, to witness the product in action in your environment.

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