SvKMS Pricing

Perpetual license or cloud-based service - choose the right one for you

Deploy encryption key management in the best way for your budget

StorMagic SvKMS is a flexible and robust key manager that allows organizations to centrally manage all of their encryption workflows, whether they’re at the edge, the datacenter, or cloud. SvKMS pricing is available as either an on-premise perpetual license, or a cloud-based subscription service, known as Key Management-as-a-Service (KMaaS).

A perpetual SvKMS license is paid for upfront and owned forever with ongoing costs only for maintenance and support contract renewals. The cloud-based KMaaS offering is a subscription and paid for upfront for a specific time period, for example one year, and then renewed thereafter as required. For a full breakdown of the features included in an SvSAN license, please refer to the SvKMS features page, or the SvKMS product data sheet.

SvKMS perpetual or cloud subscription

SvKMS pricing - perpetual licenses

Determining SvKMS perpetual license pricing is a 3-step process. Simply select the number of nodes required per SvKMS cluster (a master node, plus additional nodes for 2 node or 2N+1 cluster sizes), then the number of encryption keys required (250 keys are included with the master node license), and finally which maintenance and support tier and contract term you'd prefer.

Below is the three step process for determining the pricing for your perpetual license SvKMS solution.

SvKMS pricing perpetual license
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SvKMS pricing - KMaaS cloud-based subscription

SvKMS is available as a cloud-based subscription service known as Key Management-as-a-Service (KMaaS). KMaaS pricing differs from the perpetual license pricing above. It is structured as a base license subscription, with encryption keys supplied in key packs as an additional charge. Unlike perpetual licenses, there is no additional charge for maintenance and support. Platinum level support is included by default with a KMaaS subscription.

The steps below describe how pricing for KMaaS cloud-based subscription is calculated.

SvKMS pricing KMaaS cloud subscription
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