The StorMagic SvSAN Container Storage Interface: Making the Edge Ready for Containers

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According to Gartner, by 2025 more than 85% of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production. Container adoption is on the rise, with edge computing environments as the next frontier for containers adoption.

To help customers deploy containers at the edge, we are thrilled to announce the availability of a new offering — the StorMagic SvSAN Container Storage Interface (CSI).

CSI is a standard that can enable storage drivers to work on any container orchestrator. The StorMagic SvSAN CSI is a standard driver which provides persistent storage for Kubernetes orchestrated containers. It provides connectivity between containers and StorMagic SvSAN, enabling advanced storage capabilities such as automation, high availability and seamless data synchronization.

Containers deliver many benefits to end users – they require little memory, launch quickly, are incredibly efficient, and require less hardware and physical space than legacy applications. This makes containers ideal for customers at the edge, who are often operating from remote locations with limited space, resources, and IT support.

The StorMagic SvSAN CSI offers many user benefits, including:

  • Simple: Our persistent, 2-node cluster storage for containers at the edge ensures data is highly available, even during updates, and allows for simple management of both VMs and containers.
  • Cost Effective: Avoid additional hardware costs when deploying containers, using SvSAN clusters. Customers won’t be required to pay for any additional storage licensing or administrative costs.
  • Flexible: Storage containers and VMs can co-exist on a single platform, which helps support migration and provides protection through SvSAN’s 2-node high availability cluster.

StorMagic provides the only 2-node Kubernetes solution that supports VMs and containers for under $10,000. Interested in learning more? More detail on the SvSAN CSI is available in the product data sheet, and a more detailed discussion of the technology behind it can be accessed in this white paper.

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