SuperBowl LIII: How to Guarantee a Touchdown at your Edge Site

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Imagine it: you’re sitting there with the #squad, ready to watch the Superbowl and cable/satellite connection goes blank. The signal comes back a few minutes later, but you’ve already missed a historic touchdown. You catch up on the highlights post-game, but it’s not the same as watching the big game live – right now. You’re angry and frustrated at your cable/satellite provider – but there’s not much you can do except head to Twitter and whine (and/or wine).

Would you be surprised if your hard-earned customers, who love your brand and products, suffer the same fate when interacting with you? Maybe your point-of-sale system goes down, your e-commerce site freezes or your customer support line stops working. Scenarios where your loyal fans expected joy, but got frustration instead.

Unplanned downtime doesn’t just impact productivity it also hurts your image and reputation. Disengaged, disenchanted customers are the worst kind – you’ll have to work hard to get them back.

Eliminate your single points of failure, create redundancy in your storage infrastructure and make sure that, from an IT standpoint, you’ve done everything you can to create joy for your customers. Don’t be the reason your organization’s customers miss out.

Highly available applications and systems on a lightweight, two-node architecture is exactly what StorMagic SvSAN delivers in the first quarter, at half time, and well beyond the game. You can read more about what SvSAN can do for you here.

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