TorIX Eliminates Downtime and Improves Performance Rates with StorMagic SvSAN

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Toronto Internet Exchange (TorIX) is a non-profit organization created to directly connect the internet traffic of Canadian businesses via local network infrastructure. TorIX was previously using a VMware installation without replication, and wanted to find a new solution that reduced hardware dependency to decrease costs and complexities. Their sights were set on a hyperconverged solution that could support critical external services for their customers, including online portal systems, telemetry data, web and mail applications.

After evaluating multiple options, TorIX found that StorMagic SvSAN best suited their needs because it was easy for their IT team to manage and upgrade, while remaining both cost effective and modern. SvSAN’s stretch/metro cluster capability enabled TorIX to install its two nodes 3 kilometers apart with no impact on performance, thanks to the solution’s low bandwidth requirements.

We selected StorMagic SvSAN to power our operations with a modern system that is easy to manage, flexible and high-performing. We have been 100 percent satisfied with StorMagic, which we trust to power all of our critical external services for our customers and have the peace of mind that our systems will never fail.”

–Jon Nistor, Board Director, Toronto Internet Exchange

Key benefits realized since installation include:

  • TorIX relies on StorMagic’s high availability for critical applications that would severely impact customers if taken offline. With SvSAN, TorIX now has 100 percent redundancy and downtime has been virtually eliminated.
  • SvSAN creates highly available shared storage across two nodes. TorIX has significantly improved performance rates since making the switch to StorMagic.
  • TorIX’s top priority was to find a hyperconverged solution that was easy to manage. TorIX found that SvSAN is reliable and makes managing its day-to-day operations simple.

More than 1,300 small datacenter and edge customers in 60 countries around the globe rely on SvSAN. Many StorMagic customers operate dozens, hundreds or even thousands of locations. Learn more about SvSAN and its unique features and capabilities here, or download the SvSAN data sheet.

You can read the TorIX case study here or browse our complete case study library here. You can also view our TorIX case study video here.

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