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Business challenge

Established more than 50 years ago, the customer is a multinational food services and facilities management company that services approximately 100 million customers. Its services include staffing retaturants, catering, meal delivery and facilities management. The company has many sites worldwide, and this IT solution is installed at its subsidiary in Italy. Previously, the customer used a combination of two compute nodes and a physical SAN for its IT infrastructure, which was found to be lacking in performance and reliability, with hardware at the end of its support life. To overcome these issues, they wanted to virtualize its environment with a hyperconverged solution that would increase its overall performance and ensure maximum availability in its datacenter.


With customer service as its top priority, the company was in need of hyperconverged infrastructure that is high-performing and reliable, so that it could continue delivering its history of excellence in food services and facilities management. After evaluating multiple market options, the customer selected StorMagic SvSAN for a hyperconverged solution designed to solve the performance and reliability issues of its previous infrastructure.

The customer’s datacenter is configured with a two-node cluster consisting of SvSAN, two Huawei servers and VMware vSph ere as the hypervisor. In addition, its environment now has resiliency with mirroring and iSCSI storage provisioning to its six external VMware nodes on a 10Gb network. By eliminating its physical SAN with StorMagic, the company has been able to converge compute and storage into a lightweight commodity server footprint, and dramatically reduced its overall IT spend. Overall, the company reported SvSAN to be highly reliable and simple to manage day-to-day, which has enabled an increase in performance by 100 percent.

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Why StorMagic

  • Simple to Use: The customer was impressed by SvSAN’s fast installation process, and by how simple the virtual SAN solution is to manage day-to-day.
  • Cost Effective: The customer has eliminated its physical SANs with SvSAN’s convergence of compute and storage into a lightweight commodity server footprint, thereby dramatically lowering costs.
  • High Performance: SvSAN creates highly available shared storage across two nodes. Its environment also has resiliency with mirroring and iSCSI storage provisioning to its six external VMware nodes. Overall, the company has improved performance rates by more than 100 percent since making the switch to StorMagic.
  • Superior Support: From configuration and installation to customer service, StorMagic has met and exceeded the customer’s needs

Server Configuration (Per Server)

Servers Huawei 2288H V5
CPU 2 CPUs with 8 cores
Memory 128GB
Storage Capacity 35TB
Disk Configuration 2x300GB hddSAS-25×1.8TB SAS 10K with RAID-5 (single parity) protection
Networking 10GbE for VMs onsite; 8 network cards per server
Hypervisor VMware vSphere Enterprise Edition
Applications Web services
Guest VM Operating Systems Windows Server 2008 standard edition
Data Protection Commvault Complete(TM) Backup & Recovery

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