Edge Data Protection with StorMagic, Commvault and HPE

Webinar held in partnership with: Protecting data at the edge can be challenging. Edge environments need solutions that are reliable, flexible, and easy to use, and that can adequately protect their workloads, while maintaining the performance, processing, and minimal footprint they require. StorMagic, Commvault, and HPE understand these needs, and have combined forces to deliver a [...]

StorMagic SvSAN with Commvault Solution Brief

Edge Data Protection with HPE, StorMagic, and Commvault HPE Complete provides ultimate protection for the edge. Protect workloads on and off the edge with StorMagic SvSAN and Commvault Backup and Recovery. Challenges at the edge The enterprise IT landscape is going through a digital transformation, as it shifts from single-purpose data center designs to new technologies that deliver agility, [...]

Protect Your Data at the Edge with StorMagic, Commvault, and HPE

Enterprises operating at the network edge require reliable, flexible, and easy-to-use solutions to address their unique challenges and help protect their sensitive data. StorMagic, Commvault, and HPE fully understand these needs, which is why we joined forces to deliver the ultimate edge data protection solution. StorMagic SvSAN and Commvault Backup & Recovery software are now validated with HPE servers, and [...]

Commvault Certifies StorMagic SvKMS as a Third-Party Encryption Key Management Solution

We are excited to announce that SvKMS is now officially certified as a third-party encryption key management solution for Commvault encrypted backups. Commvault is a data management company that specializes in backup and recovery, cloud and infrastructure management, retention, and compliance. Nowadays, there is an increased need to protect data that exists in disparate environments -- from the edge, datacenter [...]

Ensure Strong Data Protection by Combining StorMagic SvKMS and Commvault Encrypted Backups

Data is the lifeblood of an organization. Whether it be customer data stored in a database, or a record of transactions that’s part of a larger order management system, data is what fuels the modern enterprise. As more and more companies store their data across the cloud, multiple clouds, and hybrid-systems, protecting that data has become critical. What happens when [...]

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