Infographic: Disaster Recovery – The Cost of Downtime

Digital technology has completely revolutionized the way we do business. It is now so interwoven that IT services are beyond a requirement; they are critical. Our dependence on these systems and functions has therefore become an Achilles’ heel, and disaster recovery has become a subject of priority for businesses across the globe.

Even seemingly small outages can negatively impact your business in a wide range of areas, including order processing, communication, manufacturing processes, access to key data systems and performance of admin tasks. All of these factors and more need to be taken into account when creating a disaster recovery plan.

Technological failures at large organizations often make the front pages, leaving huge dents in a company’s bank account, reputation and stock prices (just ask British Airways!) In a worst-case scenario, loss of money and data from unplanned downtime can even put a company out of business.

How much can unplanned downtime cost your business? How long can it take to recover? And what are modern businesses spending on disaster recovery to mitigate these risks? Let us break it down in our easy-to-follow infographic.

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